Rihanna – Colour Idol

Rihanna Hair Inspiration

When it comes to celebrities who have no fear with their hair, Rihanna has to be top of the pile. A true free spirit with her look, she switches up cut, colour and styling so fast it’s almost impossible to keep up! Few of us have the freedom to experiment like her, but she’s always an inspiration for girls who go bold and wild with colour.


Embracing her natural dark hair, Rihanna has always defaulted to this flawless, cool toned black between experiments. We love how she still has a signature shade even with her many change-ups, and when it looks this good you can see why.

Rihanna-Blonde-Curly-Hair-SupercutsBut she can also pull off the brightest of blondes, flirting time and again with bleached locks. The trick to this look’s success is the halo of darker roots, allowing the bright platinum blend to sit more naturally against her caramel complexion.

Then again, why look natural when false shades look this good?! Rihanna’s flirtation with bright red hair is one of our absolute favourite of her looks.


This rich, velvety shade suits her like the perfect red lipstick, and the fifties styling just elevates it even further.

Our all time favourite colour look, though, has to be this stunning ombre look from the Grammys in 2013. Showing exactly how the look should be done, she was way ahead of the pack again with the seamless graduation from natural brown to honey-blonde. When it looks this good, it’s no wonder ombre isn’t going anywhere soon!


What’s your favourite Ri-Ri look? Are you a total colour addict, who just won’t make up her mind? Tell us about your hair journey below.

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