3 Men’s Hairstyles That’ll Impress Your Date This Valentine’s

Men's Hairstyles Valentines

Looking for some haircut and style inspo in time for Valentine’s? 💞 Does your bae always drop hints that you need to sort your mane out or are you just in a cheeky mood to switch up your hairstyle? It’s 2020 after all and we can’t think of a better time to change your mop than the start of a new decade. If you’re nodding along, you’re in the right place.

We know what you’re thinking by the way…

Oh sure, it has more to do with uncontrolled consumerism than old-fashioned romance. But the way we see Valentine’s? There’s nothing wrong with wanting your hair to look fiercely on point for the occasion – is there?

💈 💈 💈

So get ready to cop the latest men’s hairstyles that’ll make you wanna see your Supercuts barber or stylist right in time for Valentine’s…

Men’s Hairstyle #1: Angled pointy brush up

Men's Hairstyles Valentines
Men's Hairstyles Valentines
Men's Hairstyles Valentines
Supercuts in house styling 

This choppy haircut is a good way to show off your hair’s natural texture. If you like to keep your hair short yet stylish, this is definitely a cut to consider. Show your stylist or barber the photos above 📸 and they’ll get stuck into giving you a low fade with a textured medium crop. It’s also a great way to show off your hair colour if you’re prone to mixing it up.

Great for: Literally anywhere. It’ll look perfectly caszh with a white T for a cute coffee date or dapper as hell with a smart blazer. Either way, own it bro. 🌭 👨

Best face shapes/hair types: Diamond, oblong face shapes typically (though we reckon other face shapes could work it too). Best for hair that’s got a little extra length and ideally thick density.

How to style: Blow-dry your fringe in an upwards motion and using a soft pomade, clay or wax, twist and secure into place. Dry the product into your hair so it sets in quickly and leaves hair with a moveable, natural texture. Be sure to really massage the product into your hair, as clays, pomades and waxes tend to clump the hair together. Whatever you do, don’t brush through once applied, simply finger-comb through your hair, twisting upwards as you reach your fringe or hairline.

#Hairstyle #2: French crop with 2020 Swag

Men's Hairstyles Valentines
Men's Hairstyles Valentines
Supercuts in house styling / Instagram: @pedrostival_

The French crop is another timeless, classic men’s hairstyle that’s been reimagined over and over. We’re big fans of the 2020 redux of the swaggy French crop too, as a slightly longer length on top allows for two different styles. Look 1 uses totally clean lines for when you’re at work, and look 2 offers a more dishevelled, messed up look for your Valentine’s date night. The second example showcases the usual crop combined with a hard part that subtly continues down through the eyebrow. Neat, huh?

Great for: quirky dates (crazy golf, anyone?), low-key cinema meet-ups or a chilled-out night at your local with the missus. 🍻

Best face shapes/hair types: All face shapes, except for round and diamond. Medium – thick hair, with a little natural wave (but not essential).

How to style: For when you’re in boss mode at work, keep your crop cut pushed forward but introduce plenty of texture with a good quality pomade. For when it’s time to rough it up, add a little salt spray before you apply your wax or pomade, as you’ll need ample more texture. Keeping that fringe blunt and sharp looking for both styles is absolutely key. 👌

Hairstyle #3: The disconnected undercut

Men's Hairstyles Valentines Brad Pitt
Men's Hairstyles Valentines
Brad Pitt Premiere Shutterstock / Menshairstylestoday

This style pompadour coupled with a disconnected undercut, emphasizes the contrast between the lengths on your top and the sides. Typically, we’d leave around four inches on top and two inches around your crown using a razor to close-shave your back and sides.

A ‘normal’ undercut involves a taper or a fade on the sides but a disconnected undercut uses neither of these. Instead, the end result is a more striking one thanks to the super sharp contrast with your hair on top.

2020 is all about statement making styles, and this in our opinion should definitely be a contender on your ‘new hairstyles’ list.  You can either style your hair pushed straight back, or, you can style to the side as a comb-over for a more subdued but equally stylish look. Either way, the end result should land you with a sharp, clean and undeniably sexy finish. 😍

Great for: matching her glam look for your super sweet romantic dinner date. You’ll knock her socks off, Dave. 🍾 

Best face shapes/hair types: square, round and/or strong jawlines / wide-ish cheeks. Thin – medium thickness, straight-ish hair.

How to style: blow-dry wet hair on a low setting and brush backwards (or back and to the side) to create the basic shape of a pompadour. Then leave to air dry while you get the rest of you ready. (This is defo a blazer combo look if you ask us). Once your hair’s dried itself off, apply a coin-sized amount of pomade and gently slick back from your forehead down to your crown. The end result should be a glossy, suave look. You dapper, dapper man. 🤵

And that’s it guys – 3 of our hottest men’s hairstyles set to get hearts racing this Valentine’s!


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Need to drop a hint this Valentine’s? 🤔

Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day gifts tend to be synonymous with schmaltz and tat. So, if you’d rather she gifts you with good quality hair products instead (always a need, right?) then you’ll need to drop her a major hint this Valentine’s.

Pick your fave haircare brands online and whatsapp her the links, like RN. Or, the next time you both walk past a Supercuts salon you could just casually pop in and point out the products you need. It’s fool proof bro. Surely that’s the only way you can avoid any doubt that you’ll gag at her gift this year. Now is not the time to fake-happily receive another Lynx set or a neon sign that says #loved to hang above your headboard. 2020 is a time for new beginnings. So, start with your hair.

By: Mandy Bisla

On: January 23, 2020

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