4 celeb inspired date night hairstyles for Valentine’s

Molly-Mae Hague Valentine's Hairstyle

We’ve got the perfect date night hairstyle inspo for Valentine’s right here. Handpicked by our in-house stylists, these celeb inspired hairstyles are guaranteed to keep bae swooning 💞

Valentine’s Day… if your partner’s telling you it’s just another commercialized day – dump him, dump him now. Just kidding. (Or are we? 😈). Whilst we’re not exactly sickly hopeless romantics, (12 red roses? Peeyuke. Try ghd’s V-day Platinum+ Deep Scarlet Styler instead), we definitely like the idea of using any excuse to try out a new hairstyle.

So, whether you’re pro V-day or just need a reason to drag your bae away from *another* night-in with Netflix, keep reading for our fave hairstyles perfect for any date night.

Anddd – we’ve picked hairstyles that’ll cover you for pretty much any type of date too, from cute cinema dates, a burger date, a romantic walk (each to their own, s’pose 🤷), to going all out-out on a night out that ends with a disgustingly tasty kebab and a 3am taxi. And who’s to say you won’t be celebrating Galentine’s instead? Good hair is always a must whether you’ve got a hot date lined up or planning to spend the day with your gal pals. 

Simply scroll down for our fave date night hairstyles and quick pro tips on how to recreate them yourself. They’re all super on trend for 2020 and firm favourites for our stylists!

Date night hairstyle #1: Side-swept smoothness

Liane V side-swept straight smooth Valentine's Hairstyle Inspo
Instagram: @lianev

Difficulty: EASY This one’s so easy, there is literally NOTHING that could go wrong. Sort of.

Perfect for: Glam dates, fancy restaurants and nights out 💃

Silky smooth hair will always guarantee to leave your bae swooning, right? It’s sexy, chic and sophisticated, perfect for Valentine’s and easily customisable with your choice of embellished hair clips. Though it’s important to note that this hairstyle works best on second day hair. Why? Because the added natural oil in your hair makes it easier to slick down and smooth out, meaning you get to rely less on hair products.

It’s super easy to style too, just add a deep side part for an ultra-glam look that’s both striking and fierce. But, to get that sought after ‘celeb’ look, you need to make sure your strands are evenly nourished and smooth from root to tip. Be warned that if your roots are looking slick but your ends are straggly and dry, it’s guaranteed to kill your whole vibe. This is probably the one thing that could give this style a thumbs down. 👎

To avoid this unthinkable faux pas ✋, keep adding small amounts of serum or your fave hair oil until you reach your desired shine. Avoid over-doing it though, or you’ll end up more ‘wet-look’ than ‘slick’, unless of course that’s the look you’re going for. 🤔

Date night hairstyle #2: Bae-dreaming waves

Instagram: @gigihadid

Difficulty: MEDIUM This one’s quite straight forward, just put faith in the hair gods and you’ll be fine. 🙏

Perfect for: Literally any date 🤷

Beachy waves (when done right), hit that sweet spot between being effortless and glam. And that’s why you’re guaranteed to look on point with this hairstyle wherever you lovebirds decide to go. The key to keeping this look on trend like Gigi is face-framing waves and ample root lift. There’s seriously not a single look of hers we don’t love… ugh! 😭 These two things are a must however if you want to give your beachy waves the 2020 update.

First, ensure you’re blow-drying hair along your hairline and side-parting in an upwards motion, (preferably with a barrel brush) and secure in place with a clip. Once cooled, take out the clip and fix into place with a soft spritz of a light hold hairspray. Don’t go cray-cray with the spray, as you still want movement in the hair so it looks effortless and as natural as possible.

Also, those face-framing waves need a little more definition around your face as demonstrated by Gigi – how else are you going to get that perfect look for the ‘gram?

Date night hairstyle #3: High pony glam  (but not as you know it)

Molly-Mae Hague Valentine's Hairstyle Inspo
Instagram: @sofiajamora / Molly-Mae Hague, Premiere Shutterstock

Difficulty:  EASY-MEDIUM Patience is key as you’ll need to spend time smoothing out every lump and bump on your head.

Perfect for: Dates that involve messy food; nights out 🍽️

We love, love, love this sweet high pony – perfect for foodie dates where you want to avoid accidently biting into your hair at all costs. Or looking down and seeing your hair’s decided to invite itself onto your plate of food. 🙈 Long haired girls should be familiar with the struggle. 🙅  How unattractive, right? Well, solve your restaurant-related hairy food disasters by sweeping all your hair away from your face into a super tight, high ponytail.

Add an extra couple of bobbles too for added height and wrap a piece from your ponytail around the bobbles so that all you can see is your gorgeously sleek hair. Don’t forget to take out your sweeping fringe too and tuck it neatly behind your ear or secure with a discreet hair grip. 

If you don’t have a fringe, try using a statement scrunchie instead of bobbles to draw your date’s eye to your pony’s height.  Either way, you’ll need ample amounts of hairspray to keep it all locked into place.

Though if we’re being completely honest with you, it’s this very-on-display side fringe that’ll set you apart from all the Ariana Grande-be’s out there. This, babes, is the 2020 high pony redux. We have a feeling you’re going to get along just fine, no matter your hair length or hair type.  

Date night hairstyle #4: Pump up the volume

Instagram: @mollymaehague

Difficulty:  HARD-ISH You’ll need to be a blow-dry goddess

Perfect for: Cinema and ‘chill’ dates; glam nights out 🌇

Ok, we hear you – it might seem strange that we’ve selected the same hairstyle for relaxed dates as well as nights out on the town – but trust us. This voluminous ‘do can be worn with your favourite non-gym trackie, as well as your glam bodycon dress. How? Well, it can be dressed up or down to your heart’s content.

For instance, add an exaggerated side-parting and pair it with glam makeup and you have yourself the perfect look for a night out with your gal pals. Or, team it with soft makeup, (no fake lashes, please) and brush out your waves a little more so they’re slightly more ‘relaxed’. And hey presto, you’ve got the perfect ‘do for a cinema date or even a casual stroll walking your dogs together. (Dog dates are sooo adorable btw 🐶😍).

This look works best on freshly washed hair 💦, as you’ll need all the volume you can get if you want to mimic Molly-Mae’s signature blow-dry. You can either air-dry your hair in rollers until you’re ready to leave the house, or you can blow dry straight (preferably with a slight inwards curl on the ends of your hair).  Once you’ve blow-dried, use your go-to ghd curling tong or wand to add in those lush waves. The looser the better too, so don’t forget to gently brush out those waves with a wide-tooth comb. Note to self: the look you’re going for is loose waves and pumped up volume, not a 70s rendition of Curly Sue.

Bonus tip: add a little dry shampoo to your roots for extra lift if you’re struggling in that area.

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Whatever you’ve got planned, we wish you a Valentine’s full of love and self-love 💘



By: Mandy Bisla

On: January 22, 2020

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