5 men’s hairstyles you need to know for the party season

Men's party hairstyles

Whilst you may – hopefully – have your party season style pinned down in terms of what to wear, you’re probably still wondering how to properly set off your look. One of the easiest ways to add some serious suave to your outfit this season is to switch up your hairstyle. Luckily, there’s something for every man in this season’s key hair trends, making it easier than ever to complement your party outfit. Whether you’re wearing a cuban collar, wide leg trousers, patterned blazer or a plain sailing t-shirt for your night out, you bet there’s a hairstyle to match.  You’re probably all too-familiar with quiffs, pompadours and slick back looks by now, so we’ve covered some of the trends you may have missed.

Before we uncover our top styles for men, don’t forget a major ground rule when it comes to maintenance: most of us will need at least a couple of cuts throughout the party season between December and early January. This will keep your hair trim, tidy and primed for styling. Getting the right cut beforehand makes your job of styling it at home a whole lot easier.

Your choice of styling products will also make a huge difference to your overall aesthetic. Whether you want your hair to appear slick, wet, matte, texturized, curly or full of volume, when it comes to party season hair, it’s all about the finishing touches…

1. Textured crop

One of the most popular hair trends that so many men are jumping on is the textured crop. It’s so easy to achieve and it’s even easier to maintain, making it one of the most effortlessly cool styles to go for this party season.

You can choose what length you want on your back and sides, but we recommend going for a grade 1-3. The top of your hair will have to be kept long enough to be able to sweep it forwards. You can opt for a fade into the top or you could go for a sharper distinction – both look good! If you’re after maintaining a slight wave in your hairstyle that can offset this look perfectly, you should invest in some good salt spray which will enhance any curls and texture.

[Alex Bowen] Photo credit: James Gourley
[Alex Bowen] Photo credit: James Gourley

What it’s good for:

Products you need on your shelf:

2. Tapered

The tapered hairstyle is another cool hair trend that’s spilling into the party season. There are a few styles which fit into this bracket, but the general idea is that the hair gradually gets tapered the further down it goes – just like a tapered pair of trousers.

The great thing about this look is how nifty it is. No matter what occasion, you won’t have to worry about your hairstyle being too casual.

Attending your first work’s cocktail party? Meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time this Christmas? Or are you hitting a few bars out of town for NYE? The tapered hairstyle will see you through all of those and beyond. It also means that it will dress up every outfit you wear, making you look that extra bit suave – never a bad thing, eh? If you’re looking to up your hair game this season, this is one style you should consider when you’re popping in to your local salon.

To style this look, after washing your hair, comb your hair backwards and dry with a hairdryer. This will ensure that your hair stays in place instead of flopping back over your face – because we all know how annoying that can be. Next, take a small amount of styling product and warm it in your hands. Apply evenly throughout your hair and use the comb to brush it through. You can now style your hair as you wish and leave it to dry.

[Joe Alwyn] Photo credit: David Fisher
[Joe Alwyn] Photo credit: David Fisher

What it’s good for:

Stuff you’ll want for this look:

3. Swept back

Ok so this may not be a new hairstyle, but it’s still one of the best men’s hair trends in 2018. Not only does it suit all hair types, it suits all occasions too.  It was big in the 90s and if we’re being honest, it has been big ever since. If you want to channel your inner Leonardo DiCaprio, (everyone went crazy for his iconic swept over look) then you’ll want to request this hairstyle at your next salon visit.

Our stylists will know exactly how to make the swept back look work for your face shape. This will be a matter of knowing how long to leave it and knowing where to cut your hair shorter to suit your facial profile. The great thing about this style is that it is timeless and easy-ish to maintain. All you need is a brush and some great skills at running your fingers through your hair.

[Jamie Campbell Bower] Photo credit: Dvora
[Jamie Campbell Bower] Photo credit: Dvora

What it’s good for:

Work it through with:

4. Bleached crop

Our mops are far less impulsive than our clothes, meaning that some styles are subtler switch-ups rather than radical chops. But if you’re looking to switch up your grown out textured crop, one way is to team it up with bleach blonde. This adds to that oh so trendy lived-in texture, akin to the skateboarding grunge era. 

You’ll need a little more length on top for this, but don’t worry, this doesn’t equate to longer styling time. Seen all over fashion week this year, second-day hair is a growing trend for men too – which means you can literally rock out of bed – with minimal styling effort – and go.

This one is definitely not a DIY scenario. At home dye jobs are the grooming equivalent of playing with fire (and trust us, if you get it wrong you’ll certainly feel the burn). Avoid hair dye disasters and pop into your local salon to let the professionals take care of this for you. If you opt for this look remember to invest in a high-quality purple shampoo and nourishing conditioner to keep your hair healthy and stop that bright white mellowing to a yellow.

[Riz Ahmed] Photo credit by: Broadimage
[Riz Ahmed] Photo credit by: Broadimage

What it’s good for:

Protect your style with:

5. Soldier boy returns

For maximum impact with minimum fuss, go bold (not bald) with the hair clippers. If you’ve grown tired of the pervasive swept backs, pompadours, quiffs and wavy, curly, mid-length hair, this is your quickest route to stealing a march on everyone else. Recreate the edgy new military style crop for the party season.

This new, edgier version of last year’s military style crop requires a grade one back and sides, with a grade six on top. For maximum texture your stylist can opt to scissor-cut the top, so that it’s not left too seamlessly rounded.

It’s a simple style for the 9-5, or to start your new uni term, and it’s bound to make you humblebrag about your new look on the ‘gram. But remember to pop back to the salon every one to two weeks if you don’t want to lose those military precision sharp lines.

[Ryan Reynolds] Photo credit: Victoria Will
[Ryan Reynolds] Photo credit: Victoria Will

What it’s good for:

Kit yourself out with:

Final word

No matter which style you opt for this party season, remember that confidence is key. Select a hairstyle that not only looks good, but makes you feel good too.

With that said, there’s plenty of room for exploration, especially when it comes to your choice of finish. Festive events, from Christmas parties to New Year’s Eve, are all about celebrating the past year and ringing in the new one in style, so there’s really no reason to hold back when you’re sat in our salon chair.

Don’t forget our Grooming Packages are available from just £14.95 and as we’re non-appointment based you can walk right in! Find your local salon now. 

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By: Mandy Bisla

On: November 6, 2018

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