5 secret hair tricks and tips every guy needs to know

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It’s about time we went ALL-IN and shared with you our tricks and tips for keeping your hair looking stylish, for less – don’t you? 

Disclaimer: Ok so these men’s grooming hair hacks might not exactly be *secret* but they’re defo not widely known outside of the hairdressing world… “What do you mean I have to pre-style?” – see what we mean?

So, let’s be clear, this guide is all about your styling and hair care routine, which products you defo need to upgrade to and how you should go about using them – and essentially how to not ruin your hair in the process. If you think you know how to look after your hair, we’re pretty sure you’ll be surprised by at least a couple of our *secret* hair hacks below – so don’t leave us just yet! There’s lots to get through so let’s crack on.

1. Use a pre-styling product

You’re probably wondering about this one from our opening para, so we thought we’d kick start with it! Our stylists say that laying down some foundations in the form of a pre-styling product before adding paste, pomade or wax is ESSENTIAL. Why? They have a very real impact on the finished look and also helps you use less of the heavy styling stuff. Heat protection sprays, mousses and even texturizing salt sprays can help you loads when used correctly. Typically, you’d use a pre-styling product like any one of these when you’re about to dry your hair as it helps to take your hair from its natural state to something more in line with how you want to style it.

If you have fine or limp hair, you might use a pre-styler for thickening and adding volume; or if your hair is naturally frizzy you’ll probably want to go for a product that tames and smooths the hair before you style it.

Our top pre-styling products:

Fudge Tri Blo Prime Shine and Protect Blow Dry Spray

This blow dry spray from Fudge is the perfect way to hold your desired style in place as you dry your hair – it’s also got heat protectant qualities too so if you’re prone to pinching a hairdryer to dry your hair into place this is the (pre)styling pal for you. Using Invisi-Shield technology, this spray protects hair from temperatures up to 235°C. 🌡

It’s got a non-greasy formula too so don’t worry about your hair looking too ‘done’ or wet looking after use – just enjoy a sleek smooth style that has a healthy looking shine.

Fudge Tri Blo Prime Shine and Protect Blow Dry Spray
Fudge Tri Blo Prime Shine and Protect Blow Dry Spray

KMS Add Volume Texture Creme

If you’re looking to give your hair some lift for that quiff or pompadour you’ve had your eye on, you can stop your search at the Add Volume Texture Crème from KMS. It helps to produce stronger volume from the roots that lasts up to 72 hours. A godsend if you’re battling dull, lifeless and flat hair.

All you have to do is apply one pump to towel dry hair and distribute the product all over. Blow dry afterwards for best results and you’ll have sky-high hair in no time.

KMS Add Volume Texture Creme

2. Use matte products for thinning hair

Thinning hair isn’t that bad. Said no one ever. It’s never a blast when you notice your hair isn’t as thick or plentiful as it used to be, but hey – it’s pretty much accepted fact that thinning hair is the man’s circle of life. Nevertheless, there are things you can incorporate into your styling routine to make your hair appear thicker. The trick is to use matte styling paste or clays. Hair products that have a matte texture tend to absorb the light more and instantly give off the appearance of thicker, voluminous hair. The perfect way to kick start that pompadour style in our opin.

Our top matte styling products:

SEB MAN The Sculptor Matte Clay

If you’re after a matte clay that’ll keep your style in place all day long, look no further than  SEB MAN’s ‘The Sculptor’ Matte Clay. The mattifying clay allows you to sculpt and style your hair just the way you like it. It’s not a heavy-duty product either, so if your hair is on the thinner side, it won’t weigh down your hair or make it look greasy. Top marks from us for lightweight styling. 🎖

Seb Man The Sculptor Matte Clay

TIGI Bed Head For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax

If you’re after a matte wax on the other hand, this workable wax from TIGI BedHead for Men is the perfect product to create your ‘on point’ style. Creating texture and giving you maximum hold, it’s specifically formulated with Beeswax for its structural properties – giving you the option to switch up your style throughout the day (or night). Keeping your hair workable is a major plus with this versatile product – which is exactly why it’s a salon favourite!

TIGI BedHead Matte Separation Workable Wax
TIGI BedHead Matte Separation Workable Wax

3. Styling tip: less is more

When it comes to hair styling, one of the biggest mistakes most guys make is actually over-doing it with the product. Don’t forget that a small amount of product (especially a salon-quality product) goes a long way and by using the product sparingly will also provide a more natural and wearable look. Using a pre-styler as we mentioned above, will naturally save you from using too much of a styling product – stopping your hair from getting weighed down and lank looking. So, not only do you save your hairstyle, but by using less product your hair stash will last you a lot longer too! We’re just tryna help you save those £££s – it’s what we do!


4. Touch ups throughout the day

No matter your hairstyle (unless you’ve shaved it all off of course) you’ll benefit from a slight touch-up throughout the day. Especially when you’re heading out-out straight from the office or classroom. If you don’t have time to get shaped up in salon as you head through the city centre, (we’re non appointment based by the way, so you could just walk in – just saying), the next best thing to keep your style looking criss is to pull out your…. comb!  Surprised? Well, we have you know that in the event of a hair related crisis or an unplanned event happening, most styling products can be reactivated by wetting a comb and running it through your hair – allowing you to re-style as needed.

We recommend:

ghd Tail Comb

There’s only one comb we’d recommend RN and that’s the ghd Tail Comb. Perfect for super-precise styling it helps to keep even the most rebellious flyaways in line. Our stylists also say to use the tail end (not the teeth) to section your hair – so when you’re trying to put in that hard side part of yours, this handy little thing is the tool you’d want in your back pocket.

ghd tail comb
ghd Tail Comb

5. Don’t wash your hair as often

We’re ALL for cleanliness. Trust us. But when it comes to your hair over-washing can be a real cause for concern. If you over-do it by washing your hair every day you run the risk of stripping it of its natural sebum oil – which actually helps to protect your hair from environmental factors and oxidative damage. Instead, try washing your hair 2-3 times a week. It might make you feel ick at first if you’re used to sticking your head under the shower every morning, but if you upgrade your shampoo to a salon-quality cleanser like the one we’ve listed below, we promise that your scalp will feel cleaner, for longer.. Combined with using lesser amounts of styling product in your hair, you’ll find that there will be less build up and the results from a professional shampoo will be much longer-lasting than cheaper supermarket alternatives (no offence). It’s true that salon-professional shampoos and conditioners help remove build up and cleanse and hydrate hair from the inside out – rather than just masking damage and leaving you with short-term softness. Another tool for getting you through in between hair wash days is a good quality dry shampoo – it’ll help absorb any excess oil that’s sat on the surface of your hair, and also give your hair a little oomph by way of volume and texture. Surely that’s a compromise on washing it every day, no?

We recommend:

Evo Water-Killer

New to Supercuts, the Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo is a 2 in 1 shampoo and styling spray that eliminates odours and grease as well as revitalising hair. If you want to give your hair a bit of that oomph we talked about, then this is the product for you. It helps prevent damage to your hair from washing and blow drying as it saves time during your busy day and also saves precious water. The Water Killer multi-purpose dry shampoo gives you the ability to clean your hair any time, any place but doubles as a styling spray so you can re-do your hair and create textured looks on the go so you’re always feeling and looking fresh!

Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo
Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo

If you’re a dry-shampoo virgin, (your secret’s safe with us) you’ll be pleased to know it’s probably one of the easiest products to use – all you have to do is spray all over your hair, concentrating on your roots as you gently massage in with your hands and finally brush through your hair for a perfectly even application.

Redken Brews 3 in 1 Shampoo

This super handy 3 in 1 Shampoo helps simplify and speed up your grooming routine – perfect when you’ve got a busy life studying, working and socialising. It cleanses and conditions your hair *and* skin with this barber inspired formula, developed especially for men. Our stylists reckon this is the start of the next generation of men’s shower essentials – not to mention it’s infused with malt extract which helps nourish your skin and can help treat acne. Could you even wish for a better product?

Redken Brews 3 in 1 Shampoo

Decided to crack on with some new products?

Post you fave grooming products to the ‘gram and tag @supercutsuk  – telling us why you love them –  we promise we’ll share our fave pics!

By: Mandy Bisla

On: August 16, 2019

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