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7 Cute Ideas for Mother’s Day 2020 | Things to do and buy

Mother's Day Ideas 2020 Supercuts UK

This Mother’s Day guide is for you to use, gaze at, or leave strategically lying around on your phone for ahem other people’s benefit…

Mother’s Day is almost here (22nd March, people) and whether it’s your own mamma you want to treat, your grandma or a 1st time mum friend, we have it covered right here. Check out the list below for our top-rated special things to do with Mum.

From spa days, personalised gifts and (our favourite) hair and beauty must-haves, you’re guaranteed something fun to do or special to buy for your Mum. If you’re stuck for something a touch more original than the old flower delivery, you can stop your search right here. And the best news? There’s something for every budget – some won’t even cost you a penny!

Mother’s Day Idea #1

Personalisation – create a photo collage

Photo collage Mother's Day Gift Idea

Mums just like to feel loved. If she’s collated a cupboard full of ‘Best Mum’ mugs over the years, it’s time to think of a different way to personalise your gift. Instead, why not put together a thoughtful collage of photos from over the years?Thanks to Facebook you’ve probably uploaded more photos than you think so we’re sure you’ll find some right gems as you look back.

Add a current selfie with your Mum too as a finishing touch. If we’re being totally honest, we think a hardcopy photo album or hanging canvas is much more personal than just uploading a slideshow to Facebook and tagging in your Mum. Go the extra mile and create a photo album, collage or canvas that you know she’s going to cherish and look through time and time again. Most Mums enjoy reminiscing the good times and having photos in a collection that you put together makes it even more special.

Mother’s Day Idea #2

Take her shopping – treat her to hair & beauty must-haves

Supercuts Salon Merry Hill Mother's Day

No Supercuts Mother’s Day Guide is complete without a plug to our own (magnificent) salon services. So, if you’re planning on taking Mum shopping for Mother’s Day weekend, don’t forget our salons are non-appointment which means you can walk right in and treat Mum to a fabulous blow-dry or even opt for one of our affordable Colour Packages.

We’ve also launched our Express Colour Package which (rather amazingly) doesn’t require a skin test – now how handy is that?! You can also take advantage of our Spring Sale and find the perfect giftset online – guaranteed to put a smile on Mum’s face. As well as giftsets, you can save money by shopping our stylist recommended bundles. Together with stylist expertise, we’ve created bundles to help you save £££s and create the perfect hair care routine. Great for Mums, right? So if you fancy yourself (or Mum) a bargain, check out our exclusive bundles and get shopping fast – as they’re only available while stock lasts! Choose from big name brands such as Kerastase, Redken, Bed Head, Pureology and more!

Mother’s Day Idea #3

Gardening – bring over her favourite plants and flowers

Mother's Day Idea gardening

Nothing beats quality time with your Mum. Is she a keen gardener? Or does she just like being outdoors? If so, this next idea should fit the bill perfectly. Bring over her favourite plants and flowers and arrange a gardening date. Not only will she love the plants, but she’ll also enjoy spending time with you. Use the time wisely to chit chat and really listen to her. You’ll be surprised at how therapeutic gardening can be for your Mum, whether it’s time spent with loved ones or grand-kids. 

And just in case you have absolutely no idea what plants or flowers to bring, just stick to buying whatever is in-season. Right now, this includes flowers like: roses, tulips, lilacs, daffodils, daisies, orchids, violets, peonies, pansies, azaleas, forsythias, irises, cherry blossoms, poppies, pussy willows, dahlias, amaryllis, sweet peas, zinnias, and most types of lilies. You. Are. Welcome.

Mother’s Day Idea #4

Cook together – keep the mood fun and take photos

And we really do mean, together. Don’t just sit back and watch your Mum cook – as tempting as that may be! Bring over all the ingredients and choose one of her favourite meals to cook, or something sweet to bake. We know most Mums find it nearly impossible to just sit back and be taken care of – so give her the opportunity to help you out (a little) in the kitchen. Besides, you’ll probably benefit from her giving you the best cooking and baking advice around, so why not? Get chatting about your favourite home-cooked meals and your best moments growing up. It’ll be time well spent, cooking, eating and laughing – so don’t forget to capture your precious Mum-moments on camera. Say cheese…! 📸 And hey, maybe this’ll be one to add to your photo collage for Mother’s Day 2021 😉

Mother’s Day Idea #5

Game night with the family – bring out Mum’s competitive edge!

Mother's Day Idea family game night

Sometimes all Mum wants is the family together, having a good time. So, dig out all your boardgames and schedule in a night of games with the whole family.

Whether it’s a Monopoly marathon, Twister, a card game or even a good old tennis match on Wii Sports– get Mum ready for an evening in of laughter and mayhem! This is a perfect opportunity to make her feel like a true champ. So go ahead and set up teams – but let Mum lead on what games she wants to play first. Get busy creating your circuit of games and ask Mum to declare the winner! (The ‘favourite’ child needn’t participate 😏 🙄).

And don’t forget to give the losing team the boring job of packing away all the games once you’ve finished. Because no, Mum won’t be doing this for you tonight! Ohh no. And, if you decide to include games on your console? We’d suggest sticking to fun, Mum-friendly games. So that includes games a bit like Mario Kart, or Wii Sports. Basically anything that you can play as a family, as opposed to COD or FIFA. Remember that it’s a games night for her, not you! 😂

Mother’s Day Idea #6

The tear jerker – put together a list of things you’ve learned from her

Mother's Day Idea List things you have learnt from Mum

Our Mums have done (and continue to do) so much for us, without ever asking for anything in return. Show Mum you really do care by putting together a list of everything you’ve learned from her. You’ll probably even surprise yourself as to how many things are on that list!

Think of things other than the obvious. Like teaching you how to use the washing machine, how to cook and how to braid your hair. Consider all of the other personal life skills she has given you too.

Has she taught you how to be confident in who you are? How to stand up and face life’s challenges? How to be resilient? How to work hard and achieve your dreams?

If stuff like this is a little too emosh for you though, here are some *alternative* ideas. Maybe list things like: how she taught you to swear, how to make a mountain out of a mole hill, how to leave the longest ever voicemails, how to hashtag backwards and how to change the meaning of ‘LOL’ to ‘love you lots’. A list of things you’ve learnt. See, it’s more fun than it sounds, right?

Mother’s Day Idea #7

Book a relaxing spa day or afternoon tea – or both

Mother's Day Idea afternoon tea

Mums are funny creatures. They’re happy as long as we’re happy. Now you can’t get more selfless than that, right? She’s changed our nappies, been our taxi driver around town for years and told us ‘you’re not going out dressed like that’ countless times. Yet, our happiness is her happiness, and vice versa.

Let her know all the stress and anxiety you’ve caused her growing up was worth it! Treat her to a relaxing Spa day and afternoon tea. Get researching online and find somewhere special. This Mother’s Day, book in her favourite treatment and use the time to catch up and reminisce. We guarantee you’ll both feel super relaxed from a chilled-out day of self-pampering – she deserves it after all. Only thing is, she’ll expect this every Mother’s Day going forward – so be prepared!

Stay Social

So there you have it. Our complete guide to making Mum happy this Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to tag us in your favourite #MothersDay memories! We’ll reshare the most sentimental and the funniest! So make sure you give us a follow too @supercutsuk 😉

Happy Mother’s Day!

By: Mandy Bisla

On: March 9, 2020

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