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8 Throwback Hairstyles We Kind Of Miss (And Some We Definitely Don’t)

With perms set to be a huge look next season, it seems that anything can happen when it comes to hairstyles coming back around. So, we’ve delved into the archives from the 90s and early 2000s to find our favourite throwback styles. Get ready for a strong dose of nostalgia…

Throwback 21. Butterfly clips

Nowadays we might try to tame our hair with invisible bobbles and carefully hidden hair grips, but that wasn’t the done thing in the 90s. We wore our rainbow-coloured butterfly clips with the pride – in fact, the more you could get on your head, the better. And who can blame us? Sooo chic.

Throwback 42. Crimped hair

The same gorgeous look that plaiting can give you, but with the added bonus of heat damage from sizzling hot plates? Sign us up!

Throwback 73. Curtains

Think back to the coolest boy in your primary school class. He definitely had curtains; it was the universal mark of the stud.

Throwback 64. Coloured extensions

The school disco was approaching, and you needed to show everyone your party animal alter ego. There was only one thing for it: a very funky clip-in coloured extension.

Throwback 35. The strands

Everyone knows that having your hair pulled back in a tight pony or bun can look a little severe. The 90s way to remedy this? Well, pulling down two tiny little strands of course.

Throwback 96. Highlighted spikes

After the curtains came the spikes, and the way to add some serious panache to your look was with bleached tips a la David Beckham. It dated quickly, but let’s be honest – Becks could still pull this off.

Throwback 57. The side ponytail

A ponytail at the back of your head showed a serious lack of imagination. The key to being trendy like Mariah was a side pony extreme enough to knock you off-balance if a sudden wind came. Hoop earrings not optional.

Throwback 88. Wet look gel

No words needed.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: June 16, 2016

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