Want simplified, stylish and complete care for your hair, formulated to combine the best ingredients with the most common hair care needs? Welcome to the wonderful world of Designline. Salon professional hair care, styling and finishing products you can afford. These are the products that are certain to become your absolute must-haves. Don’t be without them, whatever your style.

Shampoo & Conditioner

When it comes to hair, we’ve said it time and time again – great styling starts with the right shampoo and conditioner. Finding that perfect balance for your scalp and strands means that, whatever look you love, you can style it better every time. It’s all about finding the right levels of moisture and cleansing. For hair that’s greasy or suffering from product build up, choose Clarifying. Opt for Ultimate Radiance for hair that’s dull and a little thirsty, giving back that glossy shine. For hair that’s limp and needs its volume and strength back, Expandability is the perfect choice. Or if you need special cleansing and moisturising for scalps, there’s even a Tea Tree option.

Oh, and let’s not forget Colour Care! It’s ideal for all kinds of shades, helping them last much longer. Especially for blondes who need to refresh and lift their colour back to glory comes Super Silver. Brassiness, be gone! Don’t forget, if you’re confused about which shampoo is right for your hair, our in salon stylists are the pros to ask.


For those moments where the right shampoo and matching conditioner just won’t cut it, it’s time to give your hair a little bit of a treat. Designline compliments their shampoo & conditioner lines with plenty of masks and treatments, designed for the moments where you just know you need a little bit of extra pampering.

One of our favourites for all hair types is the Olive Oil Mask, using natural oils and a vitamin enriched formula to give hair back it’s natural health. Or for a more regular treatment that’s perfect for coloured hair, try Enchanted Midnight Leave In Conditioner – keratin enriched to restore hair that’s damaged by regular colouring.


Now that you’ve prepped your locks, got them looking their healthiest yet and begging to be given a whole new style, it’s time to delve into Designline’s extensive styling range.

One of the brand’s absolute best sellers is Curl Lock, designed to tame and twist up your coils and ringlets, and a product that many Supercuts guests simply can’t live without! If you’re more of a straight-hair lover, or simply want to add shine look no further than another big selling choice, Silk Drops. A serum that’s so simple to use, and works with almost every look.

We couldn’t talk Designline without mentioning their Powder Boost, a volumising dust that you shake into your roots and go. We know plenty of huge hair addicts who absolutely swear by it. Oh, and you know how we’re always insisting you should never reach for those heat stylers without protection? That’s where Hot Stop shines.

We haven’t forgotten short hair, don’t worry! Whether it’s guys or girls’ styles, they’re all sewn up with the Ultimate Matte Pliable Clay.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: May 8, 2015

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