Back by popular demand: The ‘new natural’ autumn hair colours you’ve been waiting for

Autumn hair colours

This trend is BIG. HUGE.

These are the autumn hair colours to watch out for according to our celeb watch list.

It looks like autumn hair colours are going one of two ways right now: The first is a complete colour switch-up, like Emily Ratajkowski, who bleached her brunette hair to a gorgeous blonde for the first time ever and Kim K who traded in her raven hair for a cherry red, because why not? The second, is going back to your roots, because if there’s one thing that lockdown has taught us, it’s that regrowth (when your stylist ain’t around) is an utter diva and we don’t have time for it.

Notice that as soon as salons reopened, Dua Lipa, Khloe Kardashian and Pixie Lott all asked their hairdressers to help them back to a more natural hair colour, only with a bit more oomph and definition. We’re calling it now guys and girls. The remainder of 2020 is all about “your hair but better” colour. Specifically, it’s about finding a shade much closer to your regrowth, but speckling it with some low-maintenance, multi-tonal and yummy highlights. These low-key autumn hair colours work great to make your overall style feel a bit more refined and polished.

Trade in platinum for natural

Khloe traded in the platinum strands she’s been digging for the past year for a much deeper walnut colour that’s closer to her natural shade writing: “I’m loving my brown hair. I never thought I would say that. Blonde still owns my heart. But this brown is giving me a little something right now.” We feel you Khloe!

autumn hair colours Khloe Kardashian brown hair

Oh and Pixie? Well, she proudly posted a pic of her freshly painted hair on Instagram which was noticeably more ‘honey’ compared to the icy blonde she’s rocked for years.

Autumn hair colours
Pixie Lott: natural honey-hued blonde

Move away from home-dyed hair

And after asking her followers “should I bring her back?” against a throwback pic of her natural chocolate coloured hair, Dua promptly swapped out her distinctly home-dyed red hair (which we weren’t fans of anyway, tbh) for a warm mocha. Now that’s better! (And better for her hair too, no doubt).

Post-lockdown: Dua Lipa pictured here with glossy, natural brown locks.
autumn hair colours Dua Lipa home dye red
During lockdown: Dua Lipa's home dyed red shade.

Gentle reminder: DDIY – don’t do it yourself

And remember, the price it costs to correct and reapply colour is almost not worth taking the risk with an at home dye job in the first place. You can read all about why we ask you to leave box dyes well alone in our blog, here:

Put the box dye down hun, it’s not worth it.


Supercuts blog don't use box dye on your hair

Natural is the new bold

But that’s not to say bright and vibrant shades aren’t still around – they very much are. Just take a look at Kim K’s cherry red or Mila Kunis’s caramel highlights. Ok, tbf Mila’s new colour might not be earth shattering, but for her – the queen of dark brunette hair – it’s a pretty massive deal. Hence what’s a bold colour for one person may be really subtle for someone else. So you do you, and embrace your colour choices, whatever they are.

auutmn hair colours Mila Kunis before and after
Mila Kunis L: natural dark brown. R: soft caramel highlights
autumn hair colours Kim Kardashian red hair
Kim Kardashian: Cherry red
autumn hair colours Kim Kardashian brown hair
Kim Kardashian: Caramel brown

Besides, whatever colour you choose, the focus for many will be on conditioning and strengthening strands that have suffered neglect during quarantine. Professional conditioning treatments will give those looking for more natural, subtle autumn hair colours the extra pizazz to stand out. That’s why we include a conditioning treatment in every Colour Package! Because there’s nothing quite as alluring as silky, sheeny hair – whatever your shade.

But if you’re still swayed by the classics, bright blondes, icy silvers, deep reds or vibrant fashion colours – you’re not alone as they’ve proven to be a hit amongst Kaia Gerber, Ruby Rose, Kylie Jenner and Lily James. Not to mention it’s ideal if you fancy a complete colour switch up. Whatever your inclination, there’s plenty of inspiration on our feeds…(shamelessly requesting that you follow us on Insta: @supercutsuk)


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By: Mandy Bisla

On: September 3, 2020

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