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And just like that, the chilly weather is here again, taking its toll on your hair. As the weather turns colder and we step into autumn, you’ll probably find that your hair feels a little different too. The central heating comes back on again, the cold air outside and general environmental aggressors can wreak havoc on our hair during the colder months. That’s why, just like we change our wardrobe for the cold season, we also need to switch up our autumn hair care routine.

We’ve listed 12 of our best autumn hair must-haves that’ll sort your hair right out. Brittle, damaged hair? It’s time to say goodbye!

Keep hair silky smooth

You may wonder why your hair is so dry and uncontrollable during the colder months. When the temperature drops hair tends to lose its silky appearance as well as making the ends dry. 

Low moisture and the heated air indoors also don’t help the situation. And, if you’re likely to wear a hat to keep you warm, just note that as the material rubs against your hair it can create static electricity, making styling and manageability overall that bit more challenging. That’s not to say you need to banish your warm woolly hats – but we’d recommend using hair products that’ll help keep hair manageable and silky smooth.

We recommend:

Redken All Soft Conditioner

Autumn hair Redken All Soft Conditioner

Nourish and replenish dry or damaged hair with the luxurious Redken All Soft Conditioner featuring Argan oil technology for enviable suppleness. Perfect for repairing dry and damaged hair during the colder months.

Redken Anti-Snap

Say goodbye to split ends, dryness and breakages with this fabulous leave-in nourishing treatment. Loved for its ability to smooth your hair cuticles, reducing friction and strengthening from within.

Take care of your scalp

Just like we’ve told you to take care of your scalp and protect it from sun-burn, you need to take care of your scalp during the colder months too. The lack of moisture in the air can lead to a dry scalp, which produces less sebum and can cause dandruff. Annoying right? Well, thankfully the solution is simple. Use a shampoo, which reduces dandruff and calms the scalp.

We recommend:

Nioxin Scalp Recovery 3-Step System Kit

autumn hair Nioxin Scalp Recovery 3-Step System Kit

Restore your scalp with this three-piece Nioxin kit which includes a medicating cleanser, moisturising conditioner, and soothing serum to provide a complete regimen. This comprehensive dandruff treatment  Stop dandruff from first use.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo

Autumn hair Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo

Packed full of natural tea tree oil, lavender and peppermint, this colour-safe shampoo is ideal to deep cleanse the hair and refresh the scalp. Working to remove all impurities, product build up, dirt and oil, hair is left beautifully clean and smelling great.

Strengthen cold-damaged hair

Seeing as we find ourselves repeatedly walking into heated air and then back out into cold hair again, it’s no wonder our hair is feeling a little perplexed. Hair can feel weak, brittle and damaged as a result. Exposure to high winds, means hair can become more easily snagged and tangled and when you go to brush and de-tangle your hair, the yanking action of the brush can cause further breakage and split ends. It’s a seemingly never-ending cycle… and incredibly frustrating! But fear not, below are our top-rated products to strengthen hair from within and help with manageability.

We recommend:

Kérastase Resistance Bain Extentioniste

Autumn hair Kérastase Resistance Bain Extentioniste

Strengthen hair from the inside out with this fortifying shampoo that uses powerful amino acids and ceramides to improve elasticity from root to tip. Targeting weakened and brittle strands, the silky formula helps to rebuild the hair’s internal structure.

Redken Strength Builder Plus

Autumn hair Redken Strength Builder Plus

The hint is in the name people! By targeting weaker areas of the hair, this rinse out treatment effectively strengthens your locks whilst nourishing them for added resilience. Helps boost strength, cuticle reinforcement and protective resurfacing.

Inject shine and gloss

The cold and dry air during autumn/winter can actually cause the cuticle of the hair strand to lift ever so slightly. As a result, moisture doesn’t stand a chance of staying locked into the hair shaft. This explains why so many of us find ourselves battling hair that is frizzy, dull and lackluster. How annoying! Healthy hair and shiny hair go hand in hand. Too often we find ourselves masking our hair with cheap serums and oils – and all they really do is sit on the surface of our hair, weighing hair down and leaving it feeling more greasy than glossy. The trick is to choose products that will actually penetrate the hair shaft and help retain moisture. Not only will hair look shinier this way, (as opposed to oily) it’ll look naturally healthy and radiant.

We recommend:

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Keratin Intensive Treatment

Autumn hair Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Keratin Intensive Treatment

Containing an expertly crafted keratin protein blend, this treatment works to repair damaged hair, adding a natural shine and creating glossy and healthy looking hair that lasts. So, when your hair is starting to misbehave, introduce this to your weekly hair care routine for a healthy sheen.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime L’Original Hair Oil

Autumn hair Kérastase Elixir Ultime L'Original Hair Oil

This is the pièce de résistance of hair oils – sent down by the glossy hair gods for sure. One of our most popular hair oils is perfect for dry, coarse hair. Utilising four precious oils including Argan Oil, Maize Oil, Camellia Oil and Pracaxi Oil, hair is left looking healthy and radiant. 

Amplify volume

Do you find that you’re missing the volume in your hair? You can add curls and back comb all you like but as soon as soon as you step outside the cold air smacks down on to your hair and it falls flat again. The struggle is real – and you’re not imagining it. The key is to start using products that can help you create volume from the root that lasts longer and has the power to withstand the perils of cold air.

We recommend:

Nioxin 3D Styling Thickening Spray

Autumn hair Nioxin 3D Styling Thickening Spray

Give your hair a real volume and thickness boost. With its Pro-Thick technology, this mist’s formula features a blend of thickening polymers which carefully coat each strand of hair. These polymers then expand, creating space between hair fibres for thicker and fuller-looking hair. Spray on hair for gorgeous volume and body – without weighing it down or creating stiffness!

TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day Thickening Spray Mousse

Autumn hair TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day Thickening Spray Mousse

A stylist fave, this non- sticky blow dry lotion will leave you feeling like royalty, with fuller, thicker hair. If you need volume, body and lift that just won’t quit, then voila! This blow-dry lotion is for thick, massive hair when a stronger hold is desired. It’s heat activated too so apply to your wet hair and blow dry for a volumised style that lasts all day.

Retain moisture

As we mentioned above, the cold air and stiff winds can lift hair cuticles, meaning any moisture that was in the hair manages to escape. So sometimes, lathering on oils and serums don’t always help your hair long-term. The key is to use hair oils and serums as finishing products in conjunction with a weekly hair mask. Salon professional hair masks have the ability to deeply condition the hair and help retain much needed moisture and hydration for a head of healthy hair that looks and feels nourished. We had so many to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to two of our most popular online buys.

We recommend:

Kérastase Nutritive Masque Magistral

Autumn hair Kérastase Nutritive Masque Magistral

Pamper dry hair with this intensely nourishing mask from Kerastase’s Nutritive range. This thermo-reactive masque provides just that, working to make hair soft and full of shine. Protect your hair from the dreaded frizz and make hair manageable and hydrated.

Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Mask

Autumn hair Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Mask

Ideal for replenishing hair structure to give you a smoother finish, this treatment mask promises a sleek and glossy result at home. Hair will look radiant and nourished as well as being easier to style into your favourite sleek, frizz-free styles.

By: Mandy Bisla

On: September 3, 2020

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