Autumn/Winter Hair Trends

Autumn is upon us and with winter just around the corner it’s time to don those cardigans and jazz up your Autumn/Winter hair. So here’s a few of the hottest styles that will help you stand out this season.

Pony Tails and buns have been seen all over the catwalk this A/W and whether you choose to wear them high, neat and tight or loose, you will be sure to look bang on trend this season. Choose a bright lipstick to really make this look work and use a thick swoop of eyeliner across the lid to finish your new look. Think Audrey Hepburn meets Amy Winehouse.

Braids and plaits have also made a comeback this season. For ladies with long hair a plait is a luscious look. There’s so much versatility with pig tail plaits, milkmaid plaits or side swept plaits. If you plan to wear you hair curly on an evening, then try a plait during the day to get a nice natural curl for your night out on the town.

If you have long, glossy locks what better way to show it off then with some simple subtle curls. If you have fine hair you can add body to your hair with a few curls. The supermodel Gisele Bunchen is the perfect inspiration for this look. Spray your section with a little hair spray and then use curling irons or ghds to create the curls and finish off the look with some Design Line Volumizing Spray.

The slick back look is perfect for those of you with short hair. Why not take a leaf out of Emma Watsons book. Make sure your hair is clean to eliminate any excess oil then comb your hair back with a side parting. To finish, apply Design Line Volumizing Mousse from root to tip. For more intensity use a pale foundation that compliments your skin tone and go for a dark smokey eye with natural lips.

Tip: Hair dryers, straightening and the cold air can leave your hair weak and brittle. After shampooing your hair massage in Design Line Get Pumped Conditioner and leave for 5 minutes, then let your hair dry naturally. Try to do this once or twice a week so your hair is not constantly in intense heat and the cold temperatures.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: November 4, 2011

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