Blonde Bombshells

Lady Gaga Hair Inspiration

Making the change from dark hair to blonde can completely transform your look, and plenty believe you should definitely go lighter at least once in life. We’re not saying that blondes ALWAYS have more fun, but for some of our most beloved celebrities, that’s definitely been true.

A drastic hair makeover can be the making of your style, and we’re celebrating the girls who made their names in showbiz by reaching for the bleach.


Norma Jean Baker was a natural redhead, with soft long curls and bags of beauty, but it was when she went for the platinum blonde transformation that her alter ego Marilyn Monroe was born. This “Wow” shade of blonde wasn’t just perfect for the silver screen, it helped skyrocket Monroe to the highest heights of success and stardom. Her signature platinum curls and red lipstick combo are still inspiring style lovers to this day.

Debbie-Harry-Blondie-Hair-Cut-Colour-Punk-SupercutsDebbie Harry was the queen of New York’s fashionable punk scene, fronting the band named for her look, Blondie. Taking the clubs by storm, Debbie’s chic yet undone style captivated men and women alike from the get go. Her bright blonde with often purposeful dark roots was leagues ahead of its time, and is a look that’s very hot in 2014. Now in her 60s, she’s never left her signature colour behind, instead flawlessly adapting the shade to suit her years.

Following in the footsteps of another famous blonde Madonna before her, Lady Gaga was another Italian American girl in New York.


While finding her feet performing jazz in the Big Apple, she reportedly decided that her long dark hair made her look too much like Amy Winehouse to stand out from the crowd. In steps a series of sharp blonde wigs that started a dizzy rise to fame that would see her look go through change after change, inspiring a generation.

A special mention for this season has to go to Kim Kardashian, whose blonde transformation has been instrumental in her recent style overhaul. Going from reality starlet to gracing the high end fashion press pages in mere months, Kim’s new look has been truly tied together by the luxurious blonde she’s now wearing. We didn’t see it coming, but we love it!

By: Supercuts HQ

On: February 26, 2014

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