Bye-bye Tangles, Hello Tangle Teezer!

Plagued by knots and tangles? We’re not sure there’s anyone who hasn’t experienced that terror of the hairbrush after a shower, but we’re not kidding when we promise that our painful combing days have been a thing of the past thanks to Tangle Teezer. It’s honestly THAT good!

That might be down to the fact that the revolutionary brush was created by a hairstylist. While Shaun Pulfrey worked as a colour technician at Sassoon, he went around the world meeting stylists and hair professionals who all found the same thing – brushing is one of the toughest things we all do to our hair every day. Whether you’ve got thick hair, tight curls, dryness… it all ends up in painful tangles that are time consuming to undo. That’s what helped inspired him to come up with a brush that really works to make tangles hassle free and manageable.

The Tangle Teezer uses soft bristles that work with all hair textures, smoothing and brushing the hair without snags. Whether you’re straight from the shower or fixing up dry styles, it cuts the time and minimises damage too.

When it comes to products, many Teezer lovers find there’s no need for serums or polishing products, which can weigh down many people’s hairstyles. If you do want to use some product throughout your hair, however, Tangle Teezer brushes allow you to use even less of your favourite smoothing and conditioning products, making sure they go even further. The tight bristles, used section by section through the lengths of your hair, help to work product in lightly and evenly, whether you’re finishing straight and sleek or even with natural afro curls.

For styles that need on-the-go maintenance, the compact styler is a powerful mini version of the original Tangle Teezer that fits neatly in your handbag. It includes a unique cover that keeps the bristles clean and protected wherever you go, so you can add polish and perfect your style even in a pinch.

Are you a fan of extensions, wefts or weaves? This is where the Tangle Teezer really goes the extra mile. Extending the life of your hairpieces, it takes the stress out of the brushing process, leaving smooth and natural looking finish, every time you style. It makes styling pieces even faster, too, thanks to the tangle resisting bristles. Simply work through section-by-section, and see polished results. Still not convinced? Check out this video, and click to shop online with Supercuts now!

By: Supercuts HQ

On: April 27, 2015

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