Celeb Hair Trend: The Blonde Crop

When it comes to jumping on the latest hair trend bandwagon, the celebs are just as easily influenced as we are. Last year, we saw everyone from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Khloe Kardashian getting on board with the lob, and it looks like this year’s hot trend is to go even shorter. A number of celebs have been spotted in the last couple of months with very short, very blonde cropped ‘dos. But can us mere mortals pull off this look? 

Although it’s a bold look, the great thing about the blonde crop is that it’s actually pretty versatile. It can be cute and elfin like Michelle Williams’ style (above), or edgy and androgynous like Kristen Stewart (below). Deciding what sort of look you want to go for is the main thing you need to decide before you head into salon for the chop. Thinking about the below will help you get the final result that’s right for you.

Short blonde 1

The Length

People have different interpretations of what ‘short’ is, so before letting your stylist reach for the clippers, make sure you both know how short you want to go. Celebs have been rocking this look in a variety of lengths, from Kristen’s extreme buzzcut to Cara Delevingne’s chin-skimming bob; but you should factor in your face shape before going for the sudden chop.

Super short styles like the buzz cut or pixie cut look best on heart-shaped or oval faces. People with heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead and smaller chin, so a pixie cut accentuates their delicate features. Longer face shapes can also pull off the shorter styles – think about how amazing Amber Rose looks with her signature shorn style. If you have a round or square face shape, then you’ll look better with a slightly longer style that will help lengthen the face and soften a wide jaw. Paris Jackson’s shaggy lob (below) is the perfect way to wear a short style while still flattering your face shape.

If you’re determined to buzz some of that hair off, then think about an undercut a la Katy Perry. This leaves you with longer lengths on top that can soften your face while still adding some serious edge.

short and blonde 5

The Shade

So you’ve got the crop covered, but how blonde should you go? If you’re naturally dark, then we suggest reading our 7 Expert Tips For Dying Dark Hair Blonde before hitting the bleach bottle. Once you’ve got your hair in great conditioned and lightened it, you can think about what shade of blonde will look best. If you have a cool skin tone – usually characterised by paler skin, naturally fair hair and blue or grey eyes – then you can look amazing with a bold platinum or silver crop. However, ashy colours can look a bit washed out if you’ve got warmer tones. People with olive undertones and darker eyes are best suited to honey and caramel shades.

Aftercare & Maintenance

Whatever blonde shade you go for, it’s going to need some specific aftercare to keep it looking and feeling its best. After bleaching, hair can be dry and so you will need to stock up on some deep conditioning treatments. We love the Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Mask and Matrix Biolage Fiberstrong Masque to help get processed hair feeling great again. To keep your colour fresh and brassy tones at bay, we also recommend using a shampoo and conditioner especially formulate for blonde hair. Designline Super Silver Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for neutralising the unwanted yellow in blonde hair.

short blonde 3

As well as needing the right aftercare, it’s also important to remember that the short blonde crop will need quite a bit of maintenance. From re-dying your roots to keeping the cut fresh with regular trims, this style isn’t one for low-maintenance girls. But when it looks this fierce, we reckon it’s totally worth it. Think you’re ready to brave this latest must-have celeb style? Pop into your local Supercuts and speak to one of our stylists about your transformation.

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By: Claire Cavanagh

On: March 29, 2017

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