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Celeb Watch: Be More Harry Styles

Happy Birthday Harry! As the former One Direction member celebrates turning 25 this month (ok, we officially feel OLD), we thought what better time to take a look back at his hair styles over the years, because let’s face it, there have been a few!

From boyband curly locks, mid length waves to a man bun, the man of the hour has tried them all. It seems like only yesterday when we saw this young, awkward teenager step onto the X Factor stage. But we’ve witnessed his style evolution trade in “teen-friendly” Jack Wills tracksuits for a selection of Saint Laurent skinny jeans and Burberry boots. Soaring to fame with his band mates singing ‘Little Things’ to all the 16-year-old fan girls – I mean we totally weren’t one *eye roll* – he has now confirmed that his 2.0 era has well and truly landed. Gone are the days of being known as that boy in One Direction with the floppy hair to a worldwide solo artist, fashion icon and film star in his own right. So what better way to celebrate Harry turning 25 then to look back at his evolution of hair styles. I mean really, we wouldn’t want to spend it any other way.


So, these days Harry Styles has embodied quite a smooth and suave demure, especially when it comes to the red carpet, but when he first popped into our lives on the X Factor at just 16 years old, he was a floppy haired, cardigan wearing teenager. His overgrown curly mop was still however a trademark look for Harry which saw girls swooning after him. You’ve got to admit he did have a spectacular head of curls; not like we were jealous or anything! Our stylists say that trends usually come full circle without us even realising and it looks like they’re bang on the money as curls are back for guys in 2019. 

Whilst it may not be quite the same curly mop Harry rocked, natural curls that are full of life and bounce are definitely still on the cards. If you’re not a fan of the ‘la boucle’ you can stay on trend by opting for shorter, more natural, tidier curls. Get the look by growing your hair out and teasing your childhood curls back in, you’ll be retro boyband material (the cool kind that is) in no time! 

To create definition and keep those curls in place, (afterall nobody wants hair flopping annoyingly in their eyes, right?), we recommend Designline Whipped Wax Defining cream. Simply work it through towel dried hair to increase texture and maintain the hold.


When Harry sat at the front row of Burberrys London Fashion Week show back in 2013, we didn’t quite expect the leopard print t-shirt but we did expect him to bring his hair game – and he did not disappoint. Taming back the curls slightly he opted for a bouffant quiff with tonnes of volume. If you can’t seem to get that quiff just right, our talented stylists are on hand to share all their tips and tricks to help you steal Harrys ‘do, just walk right in!

For added texture and to keep your quiff in place like our man Harry, stylists recommend Redken Rough Paste with its medium control and pliable qualities.


As we watched Harry mature, (not in a creepy, stalkery way), we saw him completely let go of those curly locks and settle for a shoulder-length shaggy ‘do to suit his new found rocker style.He did always say his idol was Mick Jagger, so were we really surprised to see his longer locks at the Billboard Music Awards back in 2015? No, not really. But as he continued to grow out his hair, we couldn’t help but wonder if a shorter or medium style would give him more versatility than a longer, ‘harried’ style. We feel his hairline isn’t quite cut out for that length of hair as his widow’s peak is exacerbated with the weight of his long hair.

It’s actually more difficult than you would think to innovate longer hair on men. Sure, you can add some highlights, straighten it, or tie it up, but then the style starts wearing you. By comparison, check out how frequently Harry’s former band mate Zayn Malik innovates his hairstyle, all while maintaining short and medium lengths. That being said, Zayn’s hairline is in fact perfect for a longer look so here’s to hoping he tries it out at some point, which seems likely given his adventurous grooming habits.


To maintain your style’s innovation we recommend visiting the salon every 2-4 weeks for regular trims and to help you out we have over 120 locations in the UK that you can just walk in to.


Oh, that man bun! Harry picked up on the laid-back Beverley Hills life when he was over in the states evident by his new man bun, or ‘Mun’ if you will. Did you know in Google’s 2015 Beauty Trends Report Harry was one of the celebrities most associated with this hairstyle? So, whether you love it or hate it, you now know who’s culpable for bringing the Mun into this world. We totally love that he was brave enough to rock it though, or maybe it was just a practical way of getting his mane off his face and neck? Accidental or not, we loved this trend, especially when combined with a precision-perfect undercut. 

Harry kept  his bun pretty casual but if you want more of a defined, slicked back look, our stylists recommend using American Crew Promade  to control those pesky wispy hairs to ensure your hair stays nourished rather than tacky and dry.


One of Harry’s recent looks is from his debut in Dunkirk. This style is probably our favourite of all as he finally cut off those long locks. Obviously, this came as a massive shock to his fans who probably fell in love with ‘Hairy Style’ and his rocker locks, but you gotta admit, he wears shorter hair damn well. This shorter ‘do instantly makes him look younger, but simultaneously more grown up. It might have something to do with falling around his hairline better and covering some of that widow’s peak, so we’re all for this look. He may have traded in the bad-boy sex appeal for rakish handsomeness, but his rocker-edge is still very much on display.

Whilst shorter hair may be easier to manage you still want to keep it looking its best. For a more undone, textured look our stylists recommend Bed Head by TIGI For Men Pure Texture Molding Paste as this will give you a beautiful matte finish whilst gently sculpting your perfect look to make it last for longer.

So, if you have long hair too and you’re worrying about chopping off those inches, don’t! Our grooming package is available from just £15.95 and with experts in men’s hairdressing in every salon, you won’t need to think twice about walking in.  


Harry finally got the big break he’d always wanted in 2017- the chance to perform at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show (well, we can only imagine it was a lifelong dream, can’t we?). Harry opened the show with his single ‘Kiwi’ wearing a sophisticated teal suit. Not only was he dressed to impress but his hair was certainly strutting its stuff too, sorry VS angels. Harry took his style even shorter on the sides whilst maintaining the volume in that incredible quiff. Not only did his studied Jagger-esque moves make the headlines but so did this new ‘do. Harry is genetically engineered to be handsome either way, whether it’s long rocker locks or curly quiffs like he’s been rocking more recently. While longer hair on Harry is, in itself, a middle finger to the status quo, we can’t get enough of his shorter, tidier style.

Possessing the qualities of heart-throbbery that were destined for standalone stardom, even from the days of steering the One Direction ship, we are loving solo Harry and his fondness for creative styles for curly guys. 

At only 25, Harry has ‘moved like jagger’ through a multitude of curl friendly hair styles and we couldn’t have spent his birthday any other way than taking a look at each of them – so thanks Harry!

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By: Sonia Husain

On: February 1, 2019

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