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Celeb Watch: Best of the Brit Awards

David Fisher/REX Little Mix 39th Brit Award 20 Feb 2019

The BRITs have *always* been one of our fave award shows, and this year’s #epic shindig definitely brought the heat! Alongside the usual red carpet shenanigans, we got to see Little Mix snagging that (majorly overdue) best video award; Pink rocked a seriously bitchin’ biker jacket and the world’s hottest power couple surprised us all by giving Meghan Markle a shoutout in their (super classy) acceptance speech.

It was the glam hair ‘dos that really stole the show though. So much so that we barely noticed Dua Lipa’s neon-pink puff skirt, or Liam Payne’s oh-so-dapper all-black suit…

Anne-Marie, Caroline Flack and Mabel  all brought their A-game, and we were majorly impressed by Jesy Nelson’s latest transformation. Plus, did you see Emma Bunton’s pastel-pink locks? The look might be a subtle callback to her 2018 “reunion” look, but we think it hundo p suits her baby-soft styling – not to mention her super-chic blazer dress.

Wondering about our top-10 favourite styles? You’re in luck, cos we’ve decided to share them right here. We’ve also chucked in some handy styling tips – just in case you need some hot new #hairspo for SS19.

Jesy Nelson

No stranger to a radical transformation, Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson rocked waist length waves on the red carpet before switching to a blonde wig to go along with her hot pink outfit when it was time to raise the rafters with her favourite gal pals.

Jesy was snapped with a super-short bob right back at the beginning of Feb – and she uploaded a selfie showing off her shoulder length curls last week – so we were a bit surprised to see her sporting these super long locks, but there’s no swerving the fact that she looked absolutely gorgeous on the night, and we definitely can’t fault her choice of ‘do!

Jesy Nelson Red Carpet look from Brit Awards 2019
Jesy Nelson | Photo credit: Matt Baron / Rex

In fact, she looked every bit the modern-day starlet, and we’re pretty sure her habit of slinging one side back over her shoulder will catch on big this year. If you’re looking to copy her look, we’d definitely recommend some seriously volumizing treatments, and a ghd Classic Curve Wave Wand. Trust us, it’s worth the investment!


Anne-Marie’s super-chic bob was definitely one of the most eye catching ‘dos at this year’s show. The stark lines, smooth finish and platinum-grey colour certainly had wow factor, and we absolutely love the way this elegant little number framed her face. In fact, we absolutely love this style, and we’re super excited to see if it catches on. We’ve already seen platinum/ice blonde colours making a real resurgence this Feb, and it’s pretty exciting to think that center partings might be flavour of the month RN. 

Super-short bobs are an absolute godsend in the hot weather too, so if you’re feeling brave, this is definitely a great way to shake up your look before spring sets in. Just make sure you have some good straighteners, cos that mirror-smooth finish is going to take some serious commitment!

Anne-Marie | Photo credit: David Fisher / Rex

Emma Bunton

A super-girly look that’s basically made for SS19, Emma Bunton’s pastel pink waves were the highlight of this year’s red carpet ‘dos. We’re literally smitten with the baby-soft colours, the effortlessly carefree curls and the whole innocent-but-glam thing that Emma’s rocking. So much so that we’re all eyeing up our local Supercuts, and seriously musing on the subject of colour changes…

Pastel pink hair is a great match for a stark, white outfit (like Emma’s super-chic blazer dress) and a great match for warm skin tones. Plus, a little bird tells us that this look is gonna be majorly on-trend this year as well – what with Noomi Rapace, Cate Blanchett and Jesy Nelson all sporting the exact same shade at some point this February.

Emma Bunton | Photo credit: Matt Baron / Rex

Keen to get the look? Just pop into your local Supercuts salon, and chat to one of our stylists about a colour change. They’ll be able to tell you if pastel pink is an option, and talk you through the process. Be prepared for some pretty serious upkeep though. Pastel colours can be super-tricky to maintain and you’ll probably need to look at some colour-protecting shampoos.

Caroline Flack

She might have ended the night doing a (classic) cry-laugh while taping the heel back on her shoe, but Caroline Flack certainly started Wednesday in top form. Her LBD was absolutely stunning, and her hair? Well, let’s just say we’ve never been quite so in love with relaxed waves.

The subtle balayage; the soft curls; the way those effortless waves casually crashed her shoulders…The whole thing was total fire from start to finish, and we’re hundo p in love with the look. It was a majorly toned down choice that *should* have clashed with her ultra glam cocktail dress, but the end result speaks for itself, and we think she did a great job of making her red carpet ensemble feel completely effortless (and yeah, we might be a tiny bit jel. Do you really blame us?)

Caroline Flack | Photo credit: David Fisher / Rex

Relaxed waves are a pretty sensible choice for SS19 too, what with all the hot weather that we’ll *definitely* be getting. According to our stylists, the key is a good finishing spray – like KMS California’s Stay Firm Spray – and a good pair of curling tongs.


Ok, so you’d be forgiven for failing to notice Pink’s hair – she was wearing a bangin’ biker jacket and a canary yellow dress, and her closing performance was way, way too high energy for anyone to worry about what was going on with her ‘do.

That said, we think Pink’s BRIT award hair deserves a bit of recognition. After all, it was swept back into a super-chic pompadour, and we’re suckers for that platinum grey colouring. It’s striking, it’s bold, and it’s a hundred miles from anything we’d dare try (if we’re being totally honest) so if you’re looking to flaunt your stuff and really make a splash this spring, this is definitely the way to do it!

Pink Red Carpet Look at the Brit Awards 2019
Pink | Photo credit: David Fisher / Rex

Short hair’s definitely going to be on-trend this year too – just look at Anne Marie’s bob, or Jesy Nelson’s pre-BRITs ‘do. Still need convincing? Consider the fact that chopping off some of your length is a great way to refresh your hair and get rid of winter damage. Not to mention a sure-fire way to axe dead ends and encourage your hair to thicken…

Neelam Gill

Not sure who Neelam Gill is? You will soon! Rumoured to be one of Zayn Malik’s former baes, she’s a bit of a rising star in the modelling world, and her BRIT awards look was 100% fire in our opinion.

The best bit? Definitely that super-sharp ponytail. By scraping her hair right back off her face, Neelam managed to make sure all eyes were on her most striking features, and the loose cascade of jet-black waves drifting past her shoulder is just the icing on the cake. This is one of those looks that’s great when you want your outfit to do the talking. We think it’d be a good match for some seriously glam accessories too though – maybe a velvet bow, or some glitter clips…

Neelam Gill | Photo credit: JM Enternational / Rex

You probs don’t need us to explain pony tails to you, but we will offer one piece of unsolicited advice; if you’re trying this look, play around with how tightly you scrape your hair back. Obvs you want to get everything off your face. But if you pull too tight, you might damage the roots of your hair and that’s never a good thing.

Florence Welch

A full fringe, elegant, shoulder-length waves and that trademark, copper-red hue made sure that Florence Welch was turning heads at last night’s BRIT awards, and don’t even get us started on that fairytale dress…

Florence has always sported pretty stark and eye-catching hairdos, but this one’s a particularly striking departure from her usual – semi-relaxed – styles. We’re  loving the contrast between sharp fringe and loose, tumbling waves, which work to instantly soften the otherwise severe lines, and tie her hair into the rest of her (spellbinding) outfit.

Florence Welch | Photo credit: David Fisher / Rex

Luckily this look is pretty easy to replicate. You’ll want to pop into your local salon for a quick trim, but the waves are simple and straightforward: Just grab a good pair of curlers, and something like Moroccanoil’s Intense Curl Cream. You’re on your own with the dress though. We have literally no idea where to find one. And yes, we did spend our lunch break looking.

Lily Allen

In a throwback to her early-noughties music videos, Lily Allen rocked up to the BRITs with a nostalgia-inducing ‘do, ft. super-straight, shoulder-length hair and a sleek centre parting. We thought she was pretty brave for going all-in, and we loved the way her mirror-smooth locks framed her face.

Plus, the jet-black colour did gel perfectly with her ultra dark floral dress…

Mirror-sleek hair’s been a thing since Kimmie-K first debuted the look in 2017, but Lily’s decision to rock it on the red carpet confirms that the signature style won’t be going anywhere soon,  To be fair, it is a pretty glam look too, and we think it suits the Smile singer down to the ground. So much so that we’re willing to overlook her decision to step out in a pretty…questionable lingerie & wig ensemble for the BRIT awards after party.

Lily Allen | Photo credit: Matt Baron / Rex

Keen to get the look? You’ll be thrilled to know it really aint hard. Just check out our blog post on super-straight hair.

Montana Brown

Awkward outfit choices aside, Love Island’s Montana Brown was rocking some majorly glam hair @ Wednesday’s red carpet event. First things first, those waves are to die for. They’re soft and subtle, but they add tonnes of volume, and they draw your eyes straight to her face too.

Then there’s the colour. Hidden within some of the most stunning brunette hair in history was the slightest hint of a balayage with caramel flecks that add depth and tone to her ‘do, and the deep brown is a perfect match for her complexion.

If you fancy replicating Montana’s look, we’d definitely recommend a quick trip to your local salon. You don’t need an appointment, and our stylists will be more than happy to talk you through the various colour services that’d let you rock some subtle, beach-ready waves of your own.

Montana Brown | Photo credit: Vianney Le Caer / REX


Yaas gurl! She might not have bagged the award for British breakthrough act, but Mabel’s hair was definitely #winning. The 22 year-old pop star wore her hair in a classic tie-around pony that took a strand from the side of her ‘do, and wrapped it round the bobble holding the rest of her hair in place. Although less common these days, wrap around pony’s are a great way to smarten up an old classic, and they add some much needed glamour to an otherwise-straightforward ‘do.

We also loved the fact that Mabel swept all the hair from her fringe and crown back into her pony; leaving her face very exposed. This is a brave choice, but it definitely highlights your features!

Mabel McVey | Photo credit: Matt Baron / Rex

Wondering how to style a wrap-around pony? You’ll be pleased to hear that it’s dead simple. Just wash your hair with a frizz fighting shampoo, let it dry and brush it out to get everything nice and smooth. Once this is done, secure your hair into a low pony (making sure the hair on your head is combed smoothly and as flatly as possible). Then take about a quarter of an inch of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around your hair bobble before securing it with a pin. Presto! You’re red-carpet ready.

Seen something you like?

Trust us, you’re not alone! Luckily, our stylists are just the people to help you craft the look, so pop into your local supercuts salon and show them the #hairspo that’s got you buzzing. They’ll talk you through the steps needed to achieve the look, and then set to work crafting the perfect ‘do.

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