Create a chic Braided Updo – How-to

Want to create a unique and head-turning hairstyle for your festive party look? We’ve created a series of chic tutorials to make your Christmas style easy to create at home, and super chic.

Just follow this step-by-step guide to create a striking braided updo that’s fashion-forward and super elegant too.

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• Brush hair and form into three secure ponytails: one at the top near the crown, one in the middle of the hair and one at the bottom. Then plait each section.

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• Hold each plait upwards holding a few strands and push the plait down towards the head for a messed up plait effect. Repeat on the two other plaits.

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• Pin the top two plaits towards the back of the head, and the bottom plait towards the top, securing with Sebastian Shaper Fierce £16.00

• Play around until you achieve your desired shape and position with more grips.

• Top tip: Day-old, unwashed hair will provide extra texture and hold.

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By: Supercuts HQ

On: December 10, 2013

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