New In Salon: Delicate Contouring

Love the trend for hair contouring but not quite ready for a big change? Then you’ll love the next phase of the must-have colour trend from Wella: say hello to delicate contouring. 

With three brand new, semi-permanent shades available in Supercuts salons, delicate contouring is a way for you to highlight your most beautiful features without committing to a bold colour change.

So how does it work? 

Hair contouring is similar to the practice of contouring with makeup, where you define, slim and frame your face by using bronzers and highlighters. By adding a darker shade to areas you want to make look more defined, and lighter shades to areas you want to bring forward, you’re able to manipulate light and shade to complement your facial features. The difference with the contouring that we offer is that the slimming, flattering magic is all done via your hair colour!

Using a combination of freehand and highlighting techniques, your Supercuts stylist will place various shades of colour throughout your hair in the way to best frame your face. Dark colours shorten and slim the face shape whilst lighter hues help to elongate and widen. With delicate contouring, the placement of these shades is softer, subtly enhancing your features, skin tone and eye colour. You’ll look better than ever, without having to worry about making permanent changes to your hair colour.

Our contouring service is part of our Premium Colour service, which offers you the highest quality products – not only in salon colouring, but also in aftercare.

For more information on our hair contouring service, including the new delicate offering, find your local Supercuts.

By: Claire Cavanagh

On: February 21, 2017

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