Drop everything: ghd’s SS19 festival collection just landed on our site

ghd Festival Collection

Hyped for festival season? You’re deffo not alone! The team Supercuts office is buzzing with chatter about Lovebox-ready hairstyles, and now that ghd have dropped this year’s @coachella themed stylers?

Well, lets just say that our lunchtime planning sessions have kicked into overdrive…

These gorgeous straighteners are bang on trend for SS19, what with their pearlescent, rainbow-hue and their sleek, boho chic curves. Just looking at them makes us pine for the hot, dusty sands of southern California. And that little pop of neon red on the hinge? Yeah. These stylers are seriously dreamy.

The whole range is jam-packed with next level tech too. The air features a glorious cool shot button that’s totally redefined our drying ritual; the gold heats up in like, thirty seconds flat and the platinum + boasts ghd’s unique Ultra-Zone technology, which pretty much guarantees that you’ll walk away with salon-fresh hair every time you switch them on.

Whether you’re trying to recreate Rochelle Humes’ iconic “baychella” hair, or just trying to live your best life now that the sun is (finally) shining, these limited-edition styling tools have your back. Every time.

Can’t wait to shop the collection? We feel you sis. To keep things nice and simple, we’ve broken down the whole festival range right here.


A hot new take on ghd’s (frankly indispensable) platinum+ styler, this thing is our must-have product for SS19. It’s hands-down the best straightener we’ve ever used, and it packs more tech than your average smartphone.

Oh, and did we mention that it looks 100% coachella-ready from the second you slide it out of the box? Just look at that dazzling, rainbow-hued barrel, and those glittery black styling plates… It’s 100% extra and we absolutely adore it. 

ghd Platinum+ Festival Collection
Click to shop the ghd Platinum+ Festival Edition

The platinum+ is a great pick for festival hair styles too. It has a gently curved barrel that’s A+ when it comes to creating those breezy waves, and its floating styling plates guarantee snag-free styling, which is much appreciated when you’re trying to re-style third-day hair (cos really, who wants to stop dancing long enough to wash their mane?)

Best of all though? Ultra-zone tech. Aside from sounding like something that belongs in bae’s ride, this tech is probably one of the biggest innovations in hair straightener technology, and it’s the reason that ghd’s platinum + straighteners are the undisputed queens of the styling world.

It uses a collection of teeny-tiny sensors to monitor the temperature of your hair and predict the perfect amount of heat, based on your hair’s thickness and type.

More importantly, it creates a mirror-sleek shine without damaging your hair, washing out your colour or (shock horror) creating frizz. It also lets you straighten your hair in way (way) less time than your average straighteners, so if you’re looking to shave a few seconds off your pre-party ritual, it’s essential stuff.

The platinum+ also has a looooong power cord; a 30 minute sleep timer and a unique, wishbone hinge that’s designed to stop you accidentally tearing your hair out. So yeah, go grab one now. You can thank us later.


Festival season is all about those old-school, boho vibes, and this straightener is the definition of timeless classic. Revamped for SS19, it’s got the same, super-vibrant design that makes the Gold such a must-have product, and it’s also packed with some seriously cool special features.

It’s precision-milled, ceramic styling plates will glide through your hair without snagging, and its contoured barrel is basically tailor-made for adding some long, loose waves to your ‘do.

ghd Gold Festival Collection
Click to shop the ghd Gold Festival Edition

And if you’d prefer sleek, straight hair? Well, let’s just say that ghd’s Dual-Zone technology is your best friend here. It keeps your straighteners at exactly 185 degrees at all times, which allows them to straighten your hair without causing damage to your strands, or drying out the cuticle layer too much.

Dual-zone technology makes for frizz-free styling every time, and we absolutely love that it keeps our hair healthy and strong. We also love that it keeps hair colours locked in for longer which – if you’re going all out and dying your hair this summer – will make a serious difference to the amount of time you’ll spend traipsing to the salon…

And while we’re on the subject of saving time, the golds heat up in approx 30 seconds. This might sound like a small detail, but it’ll shave a tonne of time off your pre-party prep and leave you with more time to play around with your eyeliner, body jewels and other -equally essential – finishing details.

In our eyes, this gorgeous little straightener is a great way to update your look before summer really kicks off, and we’d be hard-pressed to pick a product that gives more bang for your buck. 


This thing is so (so) much more than your average hair dryer. It’s as powerful as your stylists’ fave toy, it’s got some seriously cool special features and it’s just an all-round joy to use. It’s got a unique, ergonomic shape that makes it super-comfy to hold, and it’s one of the few dryers that’s built to be used from all angles, which means you won’t find your wrist aching after you’ve spent the last 10 minutes craning round to reach your off-side.

Even better, this revamp of the classic air is a perfect match for the rest of ghd’s festival collection.

Click to shop the ghd Air Festival Edition

Contrast is everything, and this nifty little dryer is the perfect companion to a new Festival Platinum+…

Under the hood, the air boasts a 2,100kw motor that’ll halve the amount of time that it takes to blow-dry your hair. It also boasts ionic technologies that are designed to cancel frizz and give your hair that sleek, salon-fresh shine.

Oh, and that cool shot button that we were raving about earlier? Perfect. Particularly if you’re trying to lock in your style, and keep your hair looking healthy. Cool air seals your hair’s cuticle layer and prevents moisture from escaping from the cortex. Given that drying your hair normally leaves your hair super dry and exposed, a quick blast of cool air is the perfect antidote, and we absolutely love the effort ghd have put into finessing this feature.

And then there’s the power cord. Measuring in at a whopping 3m, this professional-length cable completely cuts down on the need to rearrange your bedroom every time you want to blow dry. Or contort yourself so that you can see the mirror and get a good angle with your dryer.

Turns out bigger might be better after all…

Jokes aside, the Festival air is an absolutely fantastic dryer, with professional-level capabilities and a gorgeously understated design. If you’re looking to seriously up your hair game this summer, you couldn’t pick a better product.

In fact, that’s pretty much how we’d sum up the whole Festival range. Ft. a snazzy new colourway and some amazing features, these gorgeous styling tools are the perfect way to achieve your festival look, and a great addition to any gal’s collection.

We’ve been playing with them non-stop since they landed on our desks, and we can’t recommend them highly enough. Coachella-hair? Here we come.

Shop the Collection

You’ll find all of ghd’s latest styling tools right here on our site. Just click through to the ghd Festival page and get browsing. Be quick though; this collection is strictly limited edition, so they won’t be around forever…

Aaand remember, you’ll benefit from FREE next day delivery for spending over £50. So, you could have the Festival collection in your hands sooner than you think 😉.

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By: Mandy Bisla

On: April 9, 2019

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