Feeling lucky? Here’s 7 date night styles that’ll lock down your valentine


With Valentine’s day right around the corner, we figured it was time to drop some top-tier #hairspo for our favourite gal pals. Ft. straight fire looks from celeb hair goddesses like Lauren Conrad, Melody Acevedo and Lucy Hale, this snazzy little edit should give you some pretty foolproof inspiration for that hot date on the 14th – and make sure he comes crawling back for round two…

Not sure you can pull off a red carpet look? Don’t sweat it hun. Most of these styles are actually dead easy to execute and there are a couple of casual numbers in there for laid-back dates. Plus, we’ve added some top tips from our expert stylists, just to make sure your date night prep is 100% hassle-free.

Yep, we really do <3 you that much. Now, who’s ready for some of 2019’s hottest #hairspo?

1. Katherine Langford’s Hollywood waves

Need something that’s guaranteed to turn heads? Katherine Langford’s Golden Globes hairdo is the perfect place to start. We love the way her glam accessories set off those classic hollywood waves, and draping her hair over one shoulder keeps this old favourite looking super fresh.

If you’re heading to a snazzy restaurant (or just want to make sure you look too glam to give a damn) we’d definitely recommend this look. Just use your fave styling wand to give your hair some gorgeous waves and then drape over your favourite shoulder before accessorizing with some pins or clips. Katherine’s star-shaped accessories are from Jennifer Behr but we think anything glitzy, sparkly or full-on glam would do the trick.

Katherine Langford
📸 @jenniferbehr: Katherine Langford

Oh, and if you need a bit of extra volume to get that classic hollywood look, Tigi’s “Queen For A Day” thickening mousse is an absolute god-send. Just apply it to wet hair and then blow dry for tonnes of extra oomph.

Tigi Bed Head Small Talk

2. Lauren Conrad’s playful half-up (with bow)

Lauren’s always been the queen of cute and flirty looks, and this playful little half-up is no exception. It’s simple, it’s fun and we think it’s the perfect match for semi-casual date-night outfits.

The gorg velvet bow is just the icing on the cake. It says fun and happy-go-lucky without trying too hard, which makes it absolutely perfect for laid back dates where you still want to bring a bit of wow factor.

The key to this look is texture, so we’d recommend running a few pumps of Tigi’s Small Talk styling cream through your hair after a bit of a towel dry (shop link above).

📸 @jenniferbehr: Lauren Conrad

Once that’s done, you just need to pull back a few strands from the back of your hair, pin in place with a bobby pin and accessorise with a cute bow. Lauren’s is another Jennifer Behr classic, but there’s no need to limit yourself here. As long as it’s chic and on trend, you should feel free to pick anything that compliments your date-night getup.

3. Jamea Lynee’s short curls

We absolutely adore curly hair, but getting it date-night ready? Yeah, bit of a ‘mare. Luckily instagram favourite Jamea Lynee proves that it’s a-ok to lean into the loose and natural look on date night. Just as long as you keep things cute and playful.

Want the look? It’s dead simple. Just drop into your nearest salon and ask for a quick trim. Short cuts are the name of the game here, because you really want to emphasise the natural volume of your curls.Think chin length (or less if you’re feeling brave) so that things are nice and easy to manage.

Jamea Lynee
📸 @jamealynee

Come date night, all you need to do is amp up the volume with something like Designline’s Powder Boost volumizer and pick out a flirty accessory (we absolutely adore Jamea’s headscarf btw). Totally effortless and 100% guaranteed to get your date’s attention!

Powder Boost Volumizer
Designline Powder Boost Volumizer

4. Lucy Hale’s Twisted Chignon

ooking for something that’s classic glam and romantic af? Lucy Hale’s gorgeous updo is perfect #hairspo. It’ll add instant class to any look and draw the eye down to the nape of the neck, which makes it a great match for open backed dresses.

Don’t be intimidated by the fancy French name either; chignons are really just buns and they’re dead easy to execute. Start by parting your hair in the middle, smoothing it into sections and then layering those sections one over the other until you reach the nape of your neck. Once you’ve reached the nape, just gently twist the remaining hair from the nape to the ends, and coil it in a counter clockwise circle – using bobby pins to secure everything in place.

Lucy Hale
📸 @lucyahle

You can brush out your chignon for a bit of extra volume and spray with ghd’s Final Fix hairspray to keep everything locked in place. You might also want to spritz your hair with a treatment like Redken’s One United to make it a bit more manageable while you style.

Redken One United
Redken One United

5. Melody Acevedo’s Curly Top-Knot

If you’re lucky enough to have a full head of natural curls, Melody’s super-cute top knot makes for some great Valentine’s #hairspo. This gorgeous look is super easy to pull off and it’s also low-key enough for casual dates, where you want to wow your date without looking like you’ve gone the whole nine yards (think cinema, burger bar or the timeless walk in the park).

Better still, this super-simple style requires completely dry hair, so if you were looking for an excuse to skip the pre-date prep entirely, this one’s for you. We find that it actually works best on second or third day hair, (or hair that’s been treated with a matte treatment like Designline’s Powder Boost volumizer, as mentioned earlier on) because it makes everything much easier to manage.

📸 @melodyslife

And when it comes to styling? Literally all you need to do is section off your hair from both temples, then pull it tightly into a cute top knot at the crown. A quick once over with Redken’s One United (scroll up for shop link) will amp up the texture and volume, and then you’ll be good to go. Talk about simple but effective!

6. Savi’s Low Braid

#shorthairdontcare? You might think a low braid’s out of the question, but Savi (of Savislook fame) proves that this elegant style still works for people whose hair hits at the jawline. In fact, we think Savi’s low braid is the perfect choice for date-night. It looks super sophisticated and a little bit ethereal which is great for amping up those mysterious and aloof vibes.

Wondering how to pull it off? We’ve got your back. All you need to do is backcomb from the top of your head, and then pack a short braid from the crown down; feeding in your short layers to add volume.

📸 @savislook

You can fix the whole thing in place with a quick spritz of hairspray (we’d recommend ghd’s Final Fix) but we think there’s something effortlessly cool about the way those loose pieces will inevitably sneak out and fall around your face, so you might want to skip that step and just go with a few dabs of Designline’s Powder Boost volumizer to give your hair a bit of extra grip.

ghd Final Fix Hairspray
ghd Final Fix Hairspray

7. Lucy Hale’s half-up knotted bun

Two Lucy Hale looks in one blog post? Yeah yeah, we know it makes us look like die-hard fan girls. But there’s no getting around the fact that Lucy is queen bee when it comes to date-ready hair, and we simply couldn’t resist….

Knotted buns are super-romantic too. Not to mention those little star clips. I mean, could it get any more Valentine’s friendly? The best thing about this sleek and sophisticated updo is it’s timeless lines though. It’ll add instant glam to any outfit, and it’s a great match for glitzy dresses.

Lucy Hale
📸 @lucyahle

It’s also a surprisingly easy style to imitate: Just section the hair at the top of your head, brush it out and then twist and gather it into a (neatl) knot at the crown before adding some glitzy accessories to the sides. It might take a few tries to get things looking nice and neat, but practice makes perfect and this one’s worth working on! Remember to use something like Tigi’s Small Talk to treat and condition your hair too. It’ll make it much easier to work with. Not to mention leaving it looking super-glossy for your big date.

What’s your go-to flirty hair ‘do?

Found a firm favourite on our list? Or are you peeved that we missed off your go-to Valentine’s look? Either way, we’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas and favourite styles. Just holler at us on your fave social media channel @supercutsuk or drop us a comment below!

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By: Mandy Bisla

On: January 31, 2019

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