Festival Hair Tips

Whatever the weather gets up to, this summer will see hundreds of revellers donning wellies, shades and summer festival fashion. But with all that partying combined with campsite roughing it, looking chic at all times has become an art form. But have no fear, there are a few simple tips and tricks we can all follow to keep your hair looking on-point all weekend without missing out on the fun! We asked our creative director Kieron Fowles for his top festival hair tips…

“Getting that casual festival wave is easy with the right know-how, whatever your natural texture. Wash your hair the morning before you leave and work Fudge Blow Dry Putty through the lengths and ends. Blow dry until your hair’s around 70% dry and then it’s braiding time. Section your hair into three equal sections, plaiting each. Next, twist or braid these all together and secure with a pin or hair tie for style number one. (For more tips on creating the perfect festival updo, watch our how-to video.) The next day, take out all the braids, spray some EIMI Ocean Spritz through the hair and you’ve got the perfect wave. Spruce it up with a floral headband for the ultimate in boho chic – et voilà, style two!


The third day is easy, since you have all that texture to work with. Simply bring all your hair into a high ponytail, working with the fingers instead of a brush or comb for a stylishly undone finish. Secure it with a band, messier the better, and twist it into a bun.

If you want a little something fresher, punkier and funky, head to your local Supercuts a few days before for some colour. Add a chic pastel or bright flashes of colour from mint green to bright pink and everything in between – we’ve got it covered.”

For the right products to pack in your bag and see you right all weekend, here’s a few of Kieron’s absolute must-haves:

“Whether you’re embracing the braids and waves or not, there’s two products you simply can’t do without at a festival in my book. The first is Redken Powder Grip to give lift and hold back to day-old hair – it’s amazing how the matte finish and big volume can revitalise your look. Secondly, of course, is dry shampoo. A quick spritz of EIMI Dry Me at the roots in the morning can make any style last that extra day, without losing any of the movement that keeps it looking healthy and gorgeous”

Got any of your own festival must-haves? Let us know yours on Twitter @SupercutsUK.

(Photo Credit: Gigi Hadid by Broadimage/REX)

By: Supercuts HQ

On: June 10, 2015

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