Frizz-Banishing Tips & Tricks

Whether you are a lover of curls, a queen of beach waves or your signature is straight locks, frizz can spoil your style in an instant. The secret to slick and perfected style starts from your shampoo and goes through your whole styling process, banishing flyaway frizz and unruly texture. We’ve asked some of our Edge Creative Team and Creative Director, Guy Cammarano to give us their best tips for fighting the frizz for good!

BRADLEY – “My must have finisher for frizz-prone hair has got to be Slick Whip. Not only will it take your stubborn mid-lengths and ends under control, it gives the added bonus of amazing shine.”

KATIE – “I think that for beating unruly texture once and for all you should start with finding the right shampoo and conditioner. To pick the best one for your hair, write down one thing you think is the main problem about your hair, then a second if you have one. Finally, decide what you’d like your ideal hair to be like. Use this to figure out what’s right for your hair – does it need more moisture, more volume or something else? If you’re still confused don’t be shy – ask your stylist and they’ll be happy to help!”

VICTORIA – “Perfecting your blowdry takes practise, but it’s the ideal way to get your hair looking just as you want it every time. Designline Ultimate Radiance Defrizz Spray is great as a pre blowdry product, it reduces frizz and protects hair from humidity – the enemy of smooth locks everywhere!”

GUY – “I find frizzy hair is caused by the hair cuticle being open – so the hair looks frizzy, to control this we need to close the cuticle. Do this by using a moisture shampoo and conditioner containing Keratin. For curly hair it’s all about finding the blend of products that works best for your own unique texture. Mix and match to find your hair’s perfect recipe from the must-haves below.”

– Silk drops
– Freeze Spray
– Firm Hold Mist
– Press It Straightening Cream
– Leave in Conditioner


By: Supercuts HQ

On: August 27, 2013

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