Get The Look: Spring/Summer Texture

We don’t know about you, but we personally cannot wait for spring to properly arrive. Now’s the time to start perfecting your spring/ summer 2016 looks, and dream about sporting them with a cocktail by the pool (just us?)

This season the catwalks were all about texture, both in updos and casual longer loose styles. Think effortlessly tousled and texture with an ethereal feel. Even ponytails get a boost of 2016 flair with just a few loose wisps and strands keeping it laid-back and undone.


So how can you get the look for yourself without your own fashion week glam team? Our favourite new styling range EIMI is the ideal swag bag for cutting edge looks that you can create with ease.

Start every style by creating that gorgeously spun-sugar texture with EIMI Volume Sugar Lift Spray. This sugar spray helps you create a gentle texture throughout your locks that moves naturally, never feeling stiff or sticky.

Or stick by the tried and true technique for matte texture and plenty of volume at the roots, with the Volume Dry Me dry shampoo. Not just for skipping shampoo days, this is one tool that hair stylists love even on freshly washed hair. A versatile way to create big roots and a finish that looks so on trend.

Once you’ve got the volume and candy floss texture down it’s time to get creative. Keep tresses loose and flowing naturally, or opt for a minimalist updo. One of our favourites to add a little texture to is a simple ponytail. Leave the brushes aside and simply gather the hair back using your fingers, fastening it low at the nape for a look that’s on point for SS16. Then pull just a few thin and wispy tendrils loose around the face to get that dreamy finish.


Want texture style that’s got a bit more oomph? If you’ve got only the faintest hint of wave in your natural hair, or find it can fall flat through the day, you need something a little more serious in your arsenal when it comes to texture. Try the Ocean Spritz for a salt spray that’s not crispy, but stays put. This spray creates plenty of texture but still keeps it gorgeous – one for those who love to push their look further than the prettier catwalk looks.

Whatever your style, textured looks need to be set in place to last all day. Don’t let them fall flat – choose a hairspray that won’t weigh you down, but keeps everything in its right place too. The EIMI Volume Perfect spray is a must-have.

Want to know more about EIMI? Check out this video for more on the textures and trends that we love from this cutting edge range, and shop the full collection online at Supercuts.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: March 15, 2016

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