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Supercuts ghd buyers guide

So, you’ve decided to buy a brand new ghd styling tool. Super choice! But do you know which styler, hairdryer, hot brush or curler is the right one for your hair?

To help you choose, we’ve put together this ghd buying guide which looks at the main features found in ghd tools and compares the different options currently available.

But, if you’re still undecided on ghd…

In case you didn’t know, ghd is one of the biggest names in hair styling, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Their range of stylers, curlers and hairdryers make transforming your hair into your favourite styles super easy. Not only do they have patented smart technology on their newer styling tools, but their original stylers are still just as long-lasting and high quality as when they first hit the scene in 2000. If you’re looking to make every day a ‘Good Hair Day’ but don’t know where to start, then this post is for you. We’ll help you suss out the best ghd for your hair type and styling needs, so you can find your perfect ghd match. 

The best ghd for… normal hair

If you have hair that’s not too thick or too fine, super short or extremely long, then you’re probably best suited to one of the classic ghd stylers. There are three main ghd models that you can currently buy, and the originals get just as much love as the newer versions. That’s because they’re one of the most reliable electrical brands around, and customers know that they’re getting their money’s worth, whichever model they choose.

ghd original

Formally known as the ghd IV, or mark 4 styler, this is still a firm favourite amongst our stylists and our guests despite being one of the original models. Reaching a temperature of 185 degrees, the ghd original styler is perfect for creating smooth, straight styles, curls or waves. The floating aluminum plates make the styler easy to hold and control, while additional features such as the 2.7 metre cable and universal voltage make it even more practical.

ghd buyers guide ghd original
ghd original

ghd gold

When ghd released the gold styler, it became an instant success. With the same amazing versatility and flawless results of the original, the gold has some become a staple styler in many of our salons.  Additional features include the contoured barrels, making it easier than ever to create curls and waves. While the lighter, cooler casing makes it even more comfortable to hold an glide through your hair. A more durable cable and automatic sleep mode help to give you peace of mind when traveling too.

ghd gold

ghd platinum+

As the newest styler from ghd, the platinum+ is an upgrade of the bestselling ghd platinum. Providing a new experience when styling your hair; the wishbone hinge ensures perfectly even styling, while its world first smart technology only adds to its hair protection qualities. This breakthrough ultra-zone technology adjusts the temperature of the precision milled plates to suit the thickness of your hair as you style it. PLUS – this styler comes in black and white, as well as limited edition shades which to date have been colours like scarlet red, blush pink, glacial blue and rose gold. 

ghd platinum+

The best ghd for… short hair

If you have short hair, you might find you struggle to use straighteners with traditional sized plates. This is where the ghd mini styler comes in. To be precise it’s actually just a smaller version of the ghd gold styler, meaning it has the same amazing technology, but the thinner plates allow for more precise styling and control. This is also the best ghd styler for styling smaller sections of hair that need a bit more focus – yep, fringes, we’re looking at you!

ghd buyers guide ghd mini
ghd mini

The best ghd for… long/thick hair

With the same great technology as the ghd gold styler but with significantly wider plates, the ghd max styler can tackle even the thickest and most unruly hair with ease. If you have long hair, then you’ll also love how quickly the wider plates will glide through your locks, cutting down on your styling time.

ghd buyers guide ghd max
ghd max

ghd specialist stylers

These stylers are designed to compliment your existing core stylers (like your straighteners, curlers and hairdryers), and are great if you’re looking for a niche styling product. They benefit from the same great build quality as the rest of the range, so you’re guaranteed professional salon-worthy results.

ghd glide

Second day hair has never looked so good thanks to the ghd glide professional hot brush: the first heated brush from ghd! Designed with a combination of shorter and longer bristles, the brush works to glide through larger sections of dry hair, for a speedy and overall straighter finish.

Tame frizz and gives your locks a more refined finish in just minutes!  Packed with innovative technologies that heat the brush to the perfect temperature of 185°C to easily style with no extreme heat.

ghd buyers guide ghd glide
ghd glide

ghd rise

The latest addition to the specialist collection is the ghd rise hot brush. Creates 2x more volume that lasts all day long. Create kind-to-hair styles with enviable volume from root to top. No matter your hair type or length, you can style chic waves, fierce flicks and bombshell curls with ease and speed.

The advanced infinity sensor within the 32mm barrel ensures an optimum styling temperature of 185 ºC is consistently maintained, so you can add volume in the right areas with no extreme heat.

ghd buyers guide ghd rise hot brush
ghd rise hot brush

ghd hairdryers

As well as stylers for straightening and curling, ghd are also renowned for their selection of hairdryers, used in salons all over the world – including ours! We currently offer two ghd hairdryers: the Air and the Helios professional hair dryer. Delivering salon-quality results, they’re also regularly included in limited edition collections, so keep an eye out for these!

ghd air

Ergonomic, stylish and oh-so attractive. The ghd air is a fantastic hairdryer in its own right. Boasting a powerful 2,100w motor, variable temperature control and a number of patent-protected technologies –  all designed to let you enjoy a salon-quality finish from home. Its unique use of ionic technologies really makes this hairdryer stand out; taming frizz and stray flyaways so that you can blow-dry faster, and faff less. In our opinion, the ghd air is a must-have if you regularly blow-dry your hair. And it still delivers plenty of oomph at lower temperature settings too, which is ideal if you want a quick blast of cold air to set your hair in place.

ghd buyers guide ghd air
ghd air

ghd helios

Introducing ghd’s latest hairdryer, supreme in its own right. Reviewers say its their lightest, fastest, professional hair dryer collection to date for ultimate styling control. Developed by the leading experts in ghd’s lab, the new ghd helios is an ergonomically balanced design for ultra-quick drying and precision styling. 

It also boasts 30% more shine and 3 x more hair alignment for a smoother finish. Not only that, but it’s bespoke acoustic system ensures low sound levels too for hush-hush use. The lightweight and ergonomically balanced design also means your arms won’t ache from blow-drying your mane.  (Which means you’ll definitely need to think of another way to work out those biceps!) So, if you’re looking to take your blow-dry to a new level, the ghd helios is made for you. 

Now available in our online shop in four super sexy shades: plum, white and ghd’s signature matte-black. Which will you choose?

ghd buyers guide ghd helios black
ghd helios black
ghd buyers guide ghd helios white
ghd helios white
ghd buyers guide ghd helios plum
ghd helios plum

Also available in limited edition powder pink while stocks last.

The limited edition pink collection from ghd is part of the Take Control Now campaign, encouraging women everywhere to self-check. £10 of every ghd pink sale will go towards Breast Cancer Now.

ghd buyers guide ghd helios powder pink
ghd helios powder pink (limited edition)

ghd curve

If you love curls and waves but find the stylers a little tricky to master, you can get the look in seconds with a more traditional curling wand or tong. Curve is ghd’s collection of wands and tongs, designed to create flawless curls or beachy waves for a variety of hair types.

Long-haired ladies will love the classic wave wand, with its impressive 38-26mm shaped barrel. The smaller-barreled creative curl wand will suit all hair lengths, while the conical wand allows for more versatile, tousled waves. If you prefer a tong rather than a wand, the classic curl tong is the best curve for you. With the same optimum curling temperature as the wand (185 degrees, if you were wondering), you can expect the same long-lasting results with added ease. And finally, if you’re after the perfect lose and glam curls that many of us long for you can turn your attention to the ghd curve soft curl tong.


Find out more

In fact, we won’t go into too much detail here about the ghd curve, as we have a whole other article that compares each ghd curve curler! It’s called: Stop wasting your time. These are the only curlers worth considering.

ghd curve wands

ghd curve classic wave wand
ghd buyers guide ghd curve creative curl wand
ghd curve creative curl wand

ghd curve tongs

ghd curve classic curl tong
ghd buyers guide ghd curve soft curl tong
ghd curve soft curl tong

ghd at Supercuts

So now that you (hopefully!) know which is the best ghd for you, where can you buy it? We stock a wide range of ghd stylers, curlers and hairdryers at Supercuts, both in salon and online.

As well as these classic models, ghd also regularly release limited edition versions of their core ranges. You can shop all ghd here and sign up to our Newsletter to be the first to know about new releases.

By: Mandy Bisla

On: August 13, 2020

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