10 Need-To-Know Hair Hacks

If you want your hair to look amazing but you also savour that extra ten minutes in bed in the morning, this post is for you. We’ve rounded up our top ten hairstyling hacks to help you save time and effort when getting ready; so whether you’re in a rush or just want more time to scroll through the timeline, you’ll love these handy tips.

1.  For this season’s must-have mermaid waves, there’s no need to spend hours curling each section of hair. Instead simply braid your hair when it’s wet and leave overnight. Separate your hair into two sections and plait each one, securing with a hair tie. Release them in the morning and run a texturising spray such as EIMI Ocean Spritz through your waves for the ultimate mer-mazing look.

2.  If you want curls or waves asap, split dry hair into four-six sections and braid each (the most sections, the more defined your curls will be). Next, run straightening irons over each braid, holding them in place for around 6 seconds as you move down each section. Release your hair from the braids and mist with hairspray to keep your curls in place.

3.  For fast curls with more volumes, pull your hair back into a ponytail and split it into four sections.Wrap each section around a large barrelled tong (we love the ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong) and hold for 6-8 seconds. Release your ponytail et voilà: beautiful curls in under five minutes! Just remember to spritz some heat protection over your locks first to prevent damage.

4.   Suffer from stray flyaways throughout the day? We’ve got you – just mist a strong hold hairspray like TIGI Bed Head Maxxed Out Massive Hold onto your hands and use your fingers to work it through your hair. This technique makes sure the products gets into the depths of your layers instead of just the top, providing you with all-day freedom from frizz.

5.  Another frizz-busting tactic is to make sure you pat your hair dry with a towel when it’s wet. Don’t ever rub it – not only does vigorous rubbing create frizz, it can weaken the hair leaving it more prone to breakages.

6. For natural-looking curls, the key is what our stylists call “root-drag.” This is where your leave the hair above your cheekbone curl-free – so don’t take your curling tongs any higher than this point and you’ll have a much more modern finish.

7. Thinking of going for the chop but not sure it would suit you? See how a shorter style would look on longer hair with a super chic faux bob. Curl a few random 2-3 inch strands of hair before tucking the sections under themselves and pinning them into place at the nape of your neck. Let shorter layers hang loose for a natural-looking finish.

8. When conditioning your hair, use a comb to distribute the product and make sure it reaches every strand. We recommend a Tangle Teezer for easier detangling and to prevent snapping strands.

9.  Know you’ll be in a rush in the morning and won’t have time to wash and dry your hair? The best way to use dry shampoo is actually to spray it into your roots  before going to bed. This allows the product to fully absorb any excess oil overnight, leaving you with fresher-feeling hair when you wake up.

10. If your roots are showing but you don’t have time to get them done for another couple of weeks, invest in some L’Oreal Proffesionel Hair Touch Up. This affordable, high-pigment products helps to temporarily cover your roots, and is available in blonde, brunette and black shades.

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By: Supercuts HQ

On: September 25, 2017

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