Hair Inspiration: Dark Roots

For years, people who colour their hair have had one battle on their hands: their roots. Now, dark roots are something to show off rather than hide, and we love the relaxed, low-maintenance look of darker roots with lighter lengths. These celebs obviously agree with us, so if you’re thinking of rocking the dark root trend and need some inspo, look no further. 

One of the best things about this trend is that there are no rules. From half an inch of dark hair poking through to roots that reach your ears, there are plenty of ways to wear it. And you can either grow them out naturally, or fake it – ask your local stylist for a dark root drag at your next colour appointment and leave the salon with instant 90s grunge vibes.

Dark Roots 1

Hailey Baldwin
Model Hailey showed off her extreme root with a high-contrast ponytail at a recent launch event. The loose waves added a polished edge to the look, proving that it’s 100% red carpet approved. One reason that this style looks so good? Both the dark and blonde colours are warm-toned, so they still look good together despite the shade difference – make sure you stick to either warm or cool tones only for the same gorgeous effect.

Dark roots 2

Margot Robbie
If you want something a little more subtle, Margot Robbie’s peekaboo dark roots could be the look for you. Teamed with a tousled, loose up-do, this style is perfect when your roots have grown out for a couple of weeks and you want to give off a ‘just rolled out of bed’ vibe.

Dark Roots 4

Sarah-Jane Crawford
Presenter Sarah-Jane recently traded in her signature glossy black locks for a rich, toffee ombre. The colour starting at her brow gives it a cool, outgrown look that’s edgier than traditional ombre, while a slightly darker transition colour helps the shades to blend.

Dark roots 5

Helen George
Showing you don’t need to go dark to rock this look, British actress Helen George was recently snapped with candyfloss pink hair with a warmer blonde root. The natural colour helped to soften the effect of the pink, so go for this look if you want something more intense than dip-dye but don’t want to brave a full head of pastel colour.

dark roots 3

Abbey Clancy
Understated, unstyled hair has been a huge trend recently, and Abbey Clancy pulled it off perfectly at this event. When teamed with her grown-out roots, the relaxed pushed-back style was the epitome of cool. For the same off-duty model look, run some serum or wax through the lengths for a slight wet-look effect, but keep your makeup glam.

These are some of our favourite ways to style the dark root trend, but however you wear it, wear it with confidence and you’ll look fierce! For more hair tips and advice straight to your inbox, you can also sign up to our Newsletter.

By: Claire Cavanagh

On: March 17, 2017

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