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ghd Buyer's Guide

There's no doubting that ghd is a brand that helped revolutionise hair styling at home, and if you're already a ghd addict you'll know exactly why. If you haven't got yours yet, we're here to help explain just exactly what their stylers do, which one best suits your style and how you can revolutionise your look with one special styler. Once you get yours, you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

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ghd Stylers

  • ghd V Gold Classicghd V Gold Classic
  • ghd Gold Minighd Gold Mini
  • ghd White Platinumghd White Platinum

  • ghd V

    The absolute best-seller of ghds, choose the classic or go bold with a variety of limited edition colour options. Create every look you can think of, this styler curls, waves and straightens for flexible styling, every day.

  • ghd Mini

    A great starter styler, or the perfect one for men’s hairstyling and shorter women’s styles. All the quality styling we love from ghd, for less of the price, this is a versatile styler that lets short hair go for full on glamour.

  • ghd Platinum

    If you style your hair regularly then this is the one for you. Platinum helps protect your hair as you style and offers exceptional control. This is the newest styler from ghd, with the most revolutionary technology.


Take your blow-dry to the limit with the latest hairdryer from ghd. Salon finish, faster drying and better style control. Plus it's quieter than before!


Hollywood Waves with ghd Curve

Beyond straight comes the brand new ghd Curve collection. A variety of specialised tongs and wands give you the freedom to create catwalk-ready curls that are sure to cause instant hair envy. See the Classic Wave Wand from the Curve collection at work in this how to video.

Step by step Hollywood Waves

  • 1Step 1Prep your hair by sectioning. Separating an inch-wide piece, mist with ghd Style Curl Hold Spray for heat protection and hold.
  • 2Step 2Wrap the section of hair tightly over the barrel of the ghd Classic Wave Wand. Hold for 5-8 seconds depending on hair type.
  • 3Step 3Continue in inch-wide sections around the head, until all of your hair has been sprayed and curled individually.
  • 4Step 4Using a large paddle brush, sweep through the curls to break up the individual pieces and blend together.
  • 5Step 5Scrunch and twist hair in large sections to draw the waves back together and create the Hollywood finish.
  • 6Step 6Spray all over with a mist of ghd Final Fix hairspray, giving the whole look flexible, lasting hold.

ghd Curve Collection

  • ghd Curve Classic Wave Wandghd Curve Classic Wave Wand
  • ghd Curve Creative Curl Wandghd Curve Creative Curl Wand
  • ghd Curve Classic Curl Tongghd Curve Classic Curl Tong

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