Hair Lingo – Industry Terms Explained

Knowing how to ask for what you want is the key to being confident with your stylist, and getting the right cut. As salon professionals we use industry lingo all the time, but we sometimes get confused looks from customers when we talk about shattered layers, gloss colour or a mussed up look. Well don’t panic. Here’s a quick run down of a few salon phrases to help you make the most out of your visit to Supercuts.

Cutting Terms

Graduation – mostly used on bobs, graduation is a type of layering where hair is cut progressively shorter towards the back.

Slicing – involves moving the scissors through the hair without closing the blades. This cutting method gives your hair a beautiful feathered finish.

Feathering – cutting and styling hair (using slicing) to remove volume, allowing the ends to be light and flick out or in, rather than one even shape all round.

Layering – a term you may hear a lot. Layering your hair will reduce weight in thick hair, or add movement and body to fine hair.

Shattered layers – hair is cut into choppy layers that hang in a circular shape around the head framing cheekbones and features.

Razoring – if you hear this phrase don’t panic. Razoring is a thinning method used to create texture and softness.

Colour Terms

Highlights & lowlights – a highlight is a streak of colour lighter than your natural shade. A low light is a darker or richer shade. This method of colouring is great for enhancing your natural colour.

Tone on Tone – this is when peroxide is used for a long lasting effect. It won’t lighten your hair but fades it gradually so you don’t get regrowth problems.

Gloss colour – gloss colours add shine and will last for around 6 washes, Supergloss will provide this finish.

Panelling – panelling (we call this service Superslices) is a technique where slices of colour are applied to hair using foils to create a dramatic finish.

Full head – it’s as simple as it sounds. Full head is where all your hair is coloured with either permanent or semi permanent colour.

Styling Terms

Tjuz – ‘tjuz-ing’ means adding body to your hair usually by adding a product, something along the lines of Designline Root Boost and Volumising foam.

Tousled – the tousled look is an undone wave. This look is achieved by plaiting damp hair then untying the plaits and running fingers through the hair.

Mussed-up – the bed head look. Simply scrunch through some salt spray into damp hair or add texture paste into the roots of dry tresses.

Backcomb – we’re all familiar with this one. Backcombing adds lift and volume to hair by using a comb against the direction of growth from mid length right to your roots.

Matte – matte hair is term for a style with a non-shine finish. There’s a variety of products that can give your a matte look including Designline Powder Boost to create an edgy matt finish.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: July 1, 2011

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