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TBH we may not be huuuge fans of staying at home – especially when the sun is shining at unprecedented levels right now – but we are 100% #stayingathome to help fight the dreaded coronavirus. And whilst we are all practising social-distancing and self-isolation #teamsupercuts is here to keep you occupied discussing and sharing all things HAIR. Our no.1 passion. One thing you’ll have loads of time for now that you’re indoors is updating your haircare routine. You may not be able to visit your local salon for stylist expertise on haircare right now, but that’s not going to stop us from sharing out haircare tips with you online!  

Introducing a new hair mask to your weekly routine is an important first step to keeping hair healthy. We might be living our best life indoors right now, but that might actually mean that your hair feels a little lack lustre. Is it feeling dry from all that central heating and lack of fresh air? Or is it getting brittle and weaker from all those hours spent wearing it in a tightly twisted top-knot?

Here, we’ve rounded up 5 of our stylist recommended hair masks, tasked with tackling your at-home haircare woes. And there’s no excuse about not having the time to care for your hair either. Now that you’re safely at home more, you have all the time in world! So grab your tea and biccies, queue up your Netflix and get ready to couple up with your next hair saviour.

Hair care at home tip #1: Strengthening

Redken Strength Builder Plus

As you resort to convenient topknots indoors, it’s important to inject a bit of juice into weakened locks. Take care of distressed hair with the Redken Strength Builder Plus. This mask conditions and repairs your hair and works to keep it looking healthy. By targeting weaker areas of the hair, this rinse out Redken treatment effectively strengthens your locks whilst nourishing them for added resilience. You know what that means? You get to spend more time ticking off series from your Netflix watchlist, and less time worrying about your brittle locks.

Hair care at home with Supercuts Redken Strength Builder Plus
Redken Strength Builder Plus

Hair care at home tip #2: Nourishment

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

Is your hair in need of some extra conditioning? This high performing Moroccanoil deep conditioner has been formulated for people with medium to thick hair that may be prone to becoming dry or dull. The Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask offers revitalisation and intense conditioning for dry, frizzy hair using its rich, creamy formula. The good thing? No wait, scrap that – the GREAT thing about this hair mask is that you only need to leave it on for *5 minutes*. It cleverly treats your hair with the moisture it needs as well as upping its protein intake, leaving with your hair that’s visibly smooth and shiny.

Hair care at home with Supercuts Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask
Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

Hair care at home tip #3: All rounder

Pureology Strength Cure Superfood Treatment

For those of you thinking you have no idea what your hair needs, this one’s a great all-rounder. The Pureology Strength Cure Superfood Mask is an intensive treatment that nourishes dry and damaged hair. Our stylists love this Pureology hair mask because it works hard to protect and repair damaged, colour-treated hair. It’s also packed with natural ingredients like Goji Berry Extract and Olive Oil to help protect hair from future damage. It helps cure breakage and split ends whilst dowsing strands in a formula that results in a velvety soft, smooth finish. This is literally everything you should look for in an all-rounder hair mask.

Hair care at home with Supercuts Pureology Strength Cure Superfood Treatment
Pureology Strength Cure Superfood Treatment

Hair care at home tip #4: Intense repair

TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Treatment Mask

Now that you’re at home you’ve probably got more time to see the damage daily styling can cause to your hair. Remedy damaged hair from the comfort of your home with Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Treatment Mask. This TIGI Bed Head treatment is designed to strengthen and repair hair that has been chemically or environmentally damaged. Our stylists say it’s the perfect intense treatment solution to get your strands back to looking their absolute best. Apply this to hair once a week for noticeably stronger and healthier hair.

Hair care at home with Supercuts TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Treatment Mask
TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Treatment Mask

Hair care at home tip #5: Smoothing

Matrix Biolage HydraSource Masque

This intensive conditioning hair mask gets to work instantly on dry strands, moisturising and reviving damaged hair for the ultimate in shine and manageability. The Matrix Biolage HydraSource Masque is perfect for refreshing lifeless hair. Its aloe plant formula also contains no parabens, and is gentle to use even on colour-treated hair. It works by penetrating the hair fibre with its rich formula and closing down your hair cuticle, resulting in visibly smoother hair. In fact our stylists recommend the whole Matrix Biolage Hydrasource range. So feel free to purchase this with the Hydrasource Shampoo and Conditioner for optimum results.

Hair care at home with Supercuts Matrix Biolage HydraSource Masque
Matrix Biolage HydraSource Masque

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By: Mandy Bisla

On: March 25, 2020

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