How To: Bow Knot Hairstyle

To meet the growing demands of customers who love the salon Supercuts Chippenham opened its doors for the first time on a Sunday.

The team of three consists of Manager Stephanie Richardson and two stylists Hannah king and Nicole Barclay-smith.

The team enjoy keeping up to date with trends and the latest styles that their customers are interested in.  As the team have been busy creating a lot of hair up-dos for Prom season, they’ve kindly sent over one of their many creations.

Why not re-create this look: Pulled hair up into a high pony tail securing with a band and leaving a section out at the front to sweep round with the fringe to give front detail. Using the pony tail, split into two parts leaving a small section out in the middle to create the bow knot. Roll back both the large sections the create the fans for the bow secure with pins to match hair then finish it with the small piece left out and pin in the knot to finish the bow.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: July 31, 2012

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