How To Get Hollywood Curls

Add some red carpet glamour to your next night out with our Creative Director’s step-by-step guide to creating glossy Hollywood curls

hollywood waves how to supercuts 1-2

STEP 1: Work a smoothing cream like TIGI Bed Head After Party through damp locks and blow dry smooth.

STEP 2: Set hair into a centre parting and pin the two side sections out of the way.

hollywood waves how to supercuts 3-4

STEP 3: Mist the remaining hair with a hold spray like TIGI Bed Head Hard Head and split into two, curling each section with a curling iron (we recommend the ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand).

STEP 4: Hold each curl for 6-8 seconds before releasing and clipping to the head to help them set.

hollywood waves how to supercuts 5-6

STEP 5: Release the hair from the sides and continue to curl four inch sections, working from the back to the front.

STEP 6: Once the curls have cooled, release the clips and brush through to soften the curls into a gentle wave. Mist over with a shine spray like TIGI Bed Head Headrush for a glossy finish.

how to hollywood curls red carpet hairstyles

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By: Supercuts HQ

On: January 7, 2016

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