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How to Get Michelle Keegan’s Red Carpet Blow Dry

Last night’s National Television Awards took place in London, and as always it was a night of old school glitz and glamour. Some minor fashion faux pas aside (yes Marnie Simpson, we’re looking at you!), all of TV’s best known celebs were looking amazing on the red carpet. One of our faves of the night was Michelle Keegan, whose classic blow dry gave us all serious #hairgoals feelings. Want to recreate her stunning style for yourself? Read on…

1. This sort of volume is mainly about the blow dry, but you can give yourself a helping hand by using a volumising range when washing your hair. We love Fudge’s Big Bold Oomf Shampoo and Conditioner for adding body and bounce without weighing hair down.

2. Once your hair has air dried for a while, it’s time to prep. Redken’s Pillow Proof received loads of hype when it launched last year, and it deserved all the praise it got:  this blow drying ‘primer’ helps to reduce blow drying time, and also repairs and nourishes hair for boosted volume.

3. You don’t want to put too much tension on damp hair as it’s more susceptible to breaking, so we recommend rough-drying your hair with just a hairdryer and your fingers until it’s around 80% dry. Then it’s time to reach for your large barrel brush – this one from ghd is our must-have!

Michelle Keegan NTAs Hair

4. For Michelle Keegan’s bouncy volume, direct the heat from your hairdryer up the shaft of hair rather than drying downwards. Drying your hair in the opposite direction to where it’s usually parted is another expert tip for adding body right at the root.

5. Once you’ve finished blow drying, allow the hair to cool and then set your style. Use a light hold hairspray like ghd’s Final Fix to keep your look in place, and spray Redken’s Quicktease at the root for added volume.

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By: Claire Cavanagh

On: January 26, 2017

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