Inside Mizani by L’Oréal

Calling all curly-haired girls, we’ve got a product range we have to shout about. From the hair care experts at L’Oreal comes Mizani, a full line of salon quality professional products specifically designed for coarse and curly hair. From afro curls to slight waves, whatever your texture these products are designed to help curly hair look its best.

How does it work?

This range is focused on health, balanced moisture and long-lasting care. Designed specifically to cater to naturally curly and heavily textured hair, it’s a salon brand that’s seen more transformations in texture and hair health than we can count. When products are designed to cater to specific needs, that’s when our stylists find they produce the most remarkable results, and that’s why Mizani has fans all over the world.

Since 1991 the brand has produced salon products for professionals and brought that same quality to their take-home product lines from shampoos and conditioners to masks and oils and beyond. With a name meaning “balance” in Swahili, it’s all about utilising a range of natural, nourishing ingredients to unlock hair’s strength and beauty every day.

So who is it right for? Thankfully this range knows hair, and it knows how to tailor haircare to each individual. Are you rocking natural hair but don’t know how to get the best from each style? There’s a perfect product for your curl type and to help solve your own personal hair gripes. Not sure what your hair type is? Pop into your local Supercuts salon and one of our stylists will be able to help you pick your perfect products.

Mizani is also unique in that it gives you the right products to prep your hair before and after using relaxers, helping girls who love to straighten out their curls to get the look with the least damage possible. Whether you choose to chemically straighten in salon or style at home with flat irons, make sure you stock up on Mizani’s hydrating products to maintain your locks, from overnight hydrating wraps to morning styling serums. Check out this simple but stunning tutorial on getting a smooth hydrating wrap that lets you wake up gorgeous.

No style would be complete without their Edge Taming Gel, a product that our guests can’t leave the house without! From locs and braids to relaxed and weave wearing girls who want to blend out their edges, this every day gel is a must-have for keeping in your handbag!

Want to smooth or straighten without chemicals? Add Thermasmooth to your hair routine. Its smoothing complex, featuring coconut oil and ceramides, gives hair cuticles a sleek appearance and exceptional shine. If you’re using hair straighteners, the inbuilt heat protection has you covered. Or if you want to embrace natural curls but keep frizz at bay, these formulas are perfect to help you create defined and glossy coils.

For every curl type, and even for the finest straighter strands, we can’t leave out the Supreme Oil range. The most exceptional shine results await thanks to this line of incredibly versatile cleansing and styling products. Use the Supreme Oil treatment as a serum, finishing product, moisturising scalp oil or even a leave-in conditioner. It does everything!

By: Supercuts HQ

On: November 9, 2015

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