Katy Perry’s Lavender Locks

Showing the pastel hair trend is still going strong, Katy Perry’s been rocking some pretty purple tresses recently – a shrewd business move to complement the purple hue of her new perfume, MAD Potion. It may be a wig, but we’re loving this colour on her so much, we think she should make it permanent!

If you want to achieve a similar look, our range of semi-permanent iNSTAMAT!C shades are perfect. For the closest match to Katy’s colour try Muted Mauve but there are also shades of blue, green and pink to choose from.


Pastel colours take best to hair that’s already been lightened, so if your base colour is darker then achieving your perfect pastel shade may take a little longer, but it’ll be worth it!

For more information on our pastel colours, pop into your local salon and speak to one of our friendly stylists.

(Photo: Instagram/Katy Perry)

By: Supercuts HQ

On: July 24, 2015

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