Keeping Colour Fresh On a Budget

At Supercuts we’re always on hand to help you get cutting edge style without the crazy pricetag. As belts get tighter in the new year, it’s no wonder things like salon colour feel like a treat many won’t justify, but we’re here to tell you that’s not necessary! We’ve got all great tips for keeping your shade fresh and fabulous on a budget, making it easy to keep your hair looking good between sessions in the salon chair. Don’t want to sacrifice that platinum, those bronzed highlights or deep black shade while money’s tight? Here’s how to keep your style of the moment for less.

The first step to radiant colour that lasts is the right shampoo. With harsher washes, colour can fade and lose its lustre over time. Thankfully there’s lots of options to keep every shade fresh. Wella’s Brilliance range is an ideal all rounder for every colour, gently cleansing the hair to keep it clean and light, while locking colour in during the shampoo.

For blondes, choose a brightening and brass-defying shampoo and conditioner like Wella Professionals Colour Recharge: Cool Blonde. This will stop build up and is important for platinum lovers to stay pearly white.

We also have creative solutions in salon for making your colour go further. With our amazing Colour Glossing service, you can refresh your shade in salon for less, giving an all-over refresh to your existing shade. Matching the tone to your existing colour, this semi-permanent service is a fraction of the price of full colour, but achieves the same salon-fresh style.

If you can’t resist colour, but you know you can’t commit to regular salon visits, get creative with your colour application. Trends like ombre and chunky highlights allow for colour application from the midlengths downward. That means that regrowth at the root needn’t be a problem – simply refresh your ends when you can, and have flawless colour all month long.

Ask your stylist at Supercuts for their tips on making your shade go further, we’re always here to help you fit your style around your budget all year round. Find your nearest salon using our online locator tool.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: February 26, 2014

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