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Kids’ Back to School Hair Ideas

After six weeks of frolicking in the sun, building sandcastles and playing mermaids in the pool, it’s time to get your little ones’ locks back in tip-top condition. When the early morning wake up call comes back around followed by a series of desperate pleas to get out of the door on time for the school run, the last thing you need to be contending with is a mass of tangles and a serious case of the bed head. Well have no fear because we’re here to turn your little devils into angelic cherubs with the cutest cuts on the block with our best hair ideas.

Children’s hair and scalps are even more delicate than us older folks’ so after weeks of sun exposure, chlorine contamination and general reckless abandon, a much-needed trim is in order. Snipping away any dehydrated ends will keep the hair looking thicker, healthy and full of vitality. We also recommend the Paul Mitchell Baby Don’t Cry Shampoo (£9.75, Supercuts) for gently cleansing away any potentially damaging build up. For older children begin with Redken’s Hair Cleansing Cream (£13.25, Supercuts) to dissolve unwanted chemicals and mineral salts that can damage sensitive hair. Follow up with a generous helping of the Redken Clear Moisture Conditioner (£14.50, Supercuts) to rebalance moisture levels and quench thirsty ends for soft, glossy hair.

There’s nothing that can appease your pint-sized princess quite like a fluffy hair accessory and it looks like Katie Holmes knows this secret too if Suri’s adorable head gear is anything to go by. Not only will a tactical embellishment like Miss Cruise’s floral headband provide a welcome distraction from anti teeth cleaning protests it will also keep hair off the face throughout the day. Hairbands and clips are great because they can be used with a variety of styles from free-flowing tresses to tied up top knots.

As for your cheeky little soldiers, what could be cuter than matching with daddy? The short back and sides trend is taking the men’s style stakes by storm and our experts recommend translating this ‘do onto junior too. Bring your nipper down to your local Supercuts salon and ask your stylist to cut the sides short and leave the hair a little longer on top to soften the look and give Grandpops something to ruffle every now and then. While sticky residue and left over food can provide enviable texture, keeping the sides cropped close will ensure the overall look is kept neat and tidy.

The earlier you start a great haircare routine the better, so treating and repairing children’s hair before going back to school will not only impress a new teacher but will also stand them in good stead for healthy locks in the future.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: August 6, 2014

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