Lighten Up: 7 Expert Tips for Dying Dark Hair Blonde

Snapchat users were left on tenterhooks this week as Kylie Jenner revealed she was going through a big hair change. No stranger to switching up her look through the use of wigs, the youngest Jenner finally made a permanent change as she showed herself with a head full of bleach as she transitioned from dark brunette to blonde. 

It took a few days for the big reveal, but Kylie finally showed off her finished platinum style as she headed out with her sisters to see brother-in-law Kanye in concert.

Blonde Kylie Jenner

No doubt Kylie’s latest look will have lots of people wanting to reach for the bleach – but wait! Going blonde is a big step, and to avoid your hair turning orange, brassy or ending up seriously damaged, it’s important to go about it the right way. We asked our Creative Director, Kieron Fowles, his top tips for going from dark to blonde. Here’s what our expert recommends:

1. Get your hair in the best possible condition.
If you’re going for a drastic change, then the chances are that going blonde will involve bleaching your hair. As this is so harsh on locks, it’s important to get hair as strong and healthy beforehand as possible. Get into a good routine with conditioning masks and reduce the amount of heat you use in the run-up to your appointment to minimise the damage afterwards.

2. Get in touch with your stylist
Going from dark to blonde is definitely a job to be left to the professionals. Not only does it take a pro to get the colour even and at a shade you’re happy with, but it’s also a good idea to have a stylist advise you on what shade will suit your skin tone.

3. Test the strength of your hair.
Before you have a colour service at Supercuts, we’ll require you have to a patch test done to make sure your skin won’t react to the chemicals. If you’re going blonde, then we also recommend you have a strand test, where  some bleach is applied to a small section of your hair. This is so we can make sure that your hair can withstand having peroxide applied to it,

4. Be realistic with what you’ll achieve
If you’re naturally dark, then you need to accept that you probably won’t be able to achieve your dream blonde shade in just one appointment. To keep your hair looking and feeling great, the best plan is to build the colour gradually over several sessions. This will allow you to put moisture back into the hair after each session through treatments, keeping it strong and healthy for the next appointment.

Blonde Kylie Up

5. Choose your shade
Never mind 50 shades of grey; there are just as many shades of blonde to choose from. While the choice is yours, there are certain hues that will suit you better depending on your natural colouring, skin tone and eye colour. Those with cool tones – think pale skin and blue eyes – can look amazing with platinum and ash blondes. If you have warmer undertones to your skin and have dark eyes and features, you’ll be better suited to warmer blondes such as honey and caramel. Our stylists will be able to match you to your perfect blonde and also apply toners to help achieve the right shade.

6. Think about the technique
One of the (many!) advantages of going to a professional for your dark-to-blonde journey is that you can have your colour applied in a number of ways. While you can opt for a full head of colour, you could also choose to lighten your looks through highlights, ombre or balayage for a luxe, sophisticated finish. With a technique such a balayage – where colour is applied freehand by the stylist – your hairdresser can give you a bespoke blend of blonde shades to give you a colour that perfectly suits you.

7. Use the right maintenance products
Your journey to healthy, gorgeous blonde doesn’t end when you leave the salon. To keep your hair looking and feeling its best, you should keep up with regular conditioning treatments and always protect your hair from heat. Products with a lot of protein are also essential for helping maintain your hair’s strength. As well as taking care of the condition of your hair, you should also use maintenance products that will keep your colour looking fresh and toned. Silver shampoos and conditioners are a stylist must-have for keeping brassy tones at bay. We love the DESIGNLINE Super Silver Shampoo and matching conditioner.

Once you’ve followed these expert tips, you’ll be able to go from dark to blonde in a way that looks amazing and is also good for your hair. For more expert advice, as well as the latest offers and news from Supercuts, sign up to our Newsletter

By: Claire Cavanagh

On: September 9, 2016

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