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Amber Rose Gill 2019 Love Island Winner Curly Hair

It doesn’t matter if you have short hair, long hair, curls or straight strands —just get ready to show one of these looks to your stylist 📸

By the time summer rolls around we’re all itching for a change, whether it’s a new summer wardrobe or a new haircut or colour, there’s something about the warmer weather that makes us wanna switch up our style. Afterall, we deserve it 💪. Think of all the cold months where you’ve kept your hair under a hat or tucked into your coat or scarf to protect it from all that crazy rain and wind. It seems like a distant memory now that the temperatures have soared (for the most part anyway), so it’s about time we turned our attention to our hairstyle, taking into account this summer’s hottest styles and trends.

Whether you’re looking to chop off some major length or just switch up your usual look for summer with a fab new colour, summer 2019 has brought it’s A-game when it comes to trending styles. The looks we saw on the S/S19 runways might have seemed a little out there at the time, but they’re sure as hell on point now, and we’re loving how some of our fav celebs are styling these looks so that they’re wearable and totally on trend.

So, get ready to screenshot your favourite looks – they’ll come in handy for your next summer salon visit.

Collarbone Lob

If you know your hair needs a good few inches off the ends, but don’t fancy a drastic and time-consuming bob cut – consider getting a collarbone grazing lob. These styles are great as you get to lose enough off your length to ensure you’re getting a healthy chop but get to keep the weight of your hair. Lobs look best when they’re one length, but if you do like having a bit of movement, we’d recommend getting a few subtle layers put in around your face.

Recommended service: Shampoo and Cut (from £18.45)

Jamie Geneviev Instagram blonde lob hair cut
Lob highlights Supercuts salons
Kim Kardashian 90s lob

Rounded or Blunt Bob

These styles really are a timeless classic, and if cut right can do you no wrong. We fully get that the choppy bob is having its moment right now, but we reckon the rounded or blunt bob has more of a chic and vintage feel that some might say is a little more sophisticated. Throw on an all over-colour and you’ll perfectly be complimenting your bob cut – whether you decide to go for the rounded cut or dare to go blunt. Our stylists recommend staying away from highlights or a balayage though, as a block colour accentuates the lines of a chic bob – which is just what your style needs! So if you’re a chick who loves herself a bit of retro styling, the rounded or blunt bob is the one for you.  

Recommended service:  Full Head Tint (Cut & Colour Package B £63.00)

Khloe Kardashian Rounded blonde bob
Supercuts salon blunt bob cut

Wispy Fringe

This look sits neatly between a full-on fringe and curtain bangs, but what makes them ideal for girls with longer hair like Andrea Russett is that they focus all of the attention right on the eyes. Referred to by our stylists as ‘lash-skimming’, it’s the ideal length for a fringe this summer. Thanks to its feathery and lightweight style, the wispy fringe is the perfect ‘effortless’ look, especially for those who don’t want to commit to a full-on fringe. So, when you pop in for your next trim, ask your stylist for wispy fringe – they’ll know what you mean!

Recommended service: Haircut (£15.95)

Andrea Russett wispy fringe long hair and head band
Hailey Bieber wispy fringe blonde hair long

Textured Curls

Embracing natural, unrefined hair is the name of the game this summer  – thanks in part to Love Island winner Amber Rose Gill – which is why our naturally curly hair’d girls are in for a treat. You won’t need to spend so long trying to tame your mane this summer, as natural curls and texturised hair is *so* in this season. But, if you do fancy switching up your style, aside for keeping on top of your haircut with regular salon visits, we also recommend opting for some sunkissed highlights to make the most of the natural movement in your hair.

Recommended service: Partial Highlights (Cut and Colour Package B – £63.00)

Modern Shag

You might be too young to remember the 70s shag, but trust that when you see the 2019 rendition of this ‘do, you’ll probably wanna be first in our salon queue. This look is perrrf for those who like minimal styling and an effortlessly cool-girl vibe. It’s got a slight rocker feel too so we’d defintely recommend getting highlights stacked around your 70s fringe or bardot bangs, with a deeper colour in between for a more natural and earthy base shade. To get the look your stylist will cut in some shattered layers for a retro touch that’s super on trend this season. Next you’ll need some face framing layers to accentuate your highlights that start at your chin for optimal effect. Concentrating the layers around the front instead of the back helps to make your hair appear thicker too – not to mention makes it super easy to style.

Recommended service: Partial Highlights & Colour In Between (Cut & Colour Package C – £73.00)

Long Layers

Summer might have arrived (sort of), but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to chop off all your hair. In fact, the romantic look is just as ‘in’ as some of these shorter and edgier looks. So if you don’t want to part ways with your long tresses, opt for some simple long layers, so that your hair isn’t feeling weighed down, and update your look instead with some beautiful sunkissed shades using an ombre or a balayage technique – it’s a super feminine and cutesy ‘do.

Recommended solour: Freehand Colour Service (Cut & Colour Package D – £83.00)

Buzz Cut

Off with your hair! Show ‘em who’s boss with a striking buzz-cut that screams confidence and sureness. No one would argue this look is just that. Take this look one step further when you’re in the salon chair and ask your stylist to dye it platinum or pink for ultimate #hairgoals.

Recommended service:  Full Head Tint (Cut & Colour Package B £63.00)

Textured Layers

According to some of our stylists, this is the cut of the season—especially if you’re someone who pines for something low-maintenance. It’s time to put away the hairdryer and brush for a while and let your hair dry in the summer air. Spritz a little salt spray on the ends as your damp hair begins to dry to bring about a bit of body and texture. This is definitely a salon favourite at the minute, *especially* when you team it with some dimensional and strategically placed colour –  it’s super sexy yet seriously low effort.

Recommended colour: Partial Highlights and Colour In Between (Cut & Colour Package C – £73.00)

Found your look?

If you’ve found your perfect summer hairstyle don’t forget to share it with us on Instagram by tagging #Supercutsuk 📸😊

By: Mandy Bisla

On: August 2, 2019

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