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Finally got your hair to that crazy long length you’ve been dreaming of? Or maybe you’re looking for some motivation to keep that next salon visit a trim and not a chop? Keeping long hair looking enviable is a definite investment in time, but one that pays off in spades.

The rigours of colour changes, constant heat styling and crazy schedules often means many celebrities rely on extensions, not real lengths, to keep that longer look they prefer. Whether you’re getting some help by faking it or going all-natural, keeping your real hair healthy and pampered is a must if you want it to grow, grow, grow!

Our favourite ex-X Factor judge is famed for her glossy locks, never anything short of stunning whatever the styling. Nicole Scherzinger has made her hair one of her best accessories, keeping it just as pampered as her staggeringly youthful skin. Try pampering your hair with Redken Diamond Oil (£31.99 at Supercuts) to get her shine, the rich blend of oils it contains is a surefire shine booster.


After chopping her hair super short for a film role, it was only a short time before Vanessa Hudgens went back to her favourite long-haired beach babe look. Rocking natural-look curls and waves, Vanessa loves switching up her shade with bright ombre in her extensions, keeping her natural hair protected from the regular lightening processes. Even though it’s not all natural, Vanessa is one of our inspirations thanks to her own obvious love for tumbling lengths. If you’re looking to get some crazy colours without clipping them in, just ask a Supercuts stylist how to colour without compromising your hair’s health – that’s what the experts are for!


Showing that being blonde should never have to mean keeping it short, Amanda Seyfried has made her super-shiny mane a key part of her look in recent years. Her expert colour makes hair this length look extra special, and Amanda clearly puts the work in to make it stay its most healthy. Blondes who want to go for the grow should embrace heat-less styling – Amanda loves a well coiffed updo that simply needs good styling products to work its best. To keep your colour glowing and moisturised, try the Blonde Idol Conditioner from Redken, available in Gold or Violet tones (£17.30 from Supercuts).

By: Supercuts HQ

On: June 18, 2014

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