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Love Island Babes: Style Watch

So Love Island is over for another year and as we come to terms with having to find a new nightly TV obsession, the islanders are reaping the benefits of keeping us entertained for the past two months (3,360 minutes to be exact). From interviews, partnerships, presenting roles and sponsored posts we’re certain they won’t be leaving our feeds just yet.

As Love Island fans here at Supercuts we’ve followed their hair and beauty journey from start to finish, from Hayley’s questionable hair extensions, Georgia’s go-to disco curls and ladies’ man Adam’s slick back pompadour. Here are our best hair bits from the final four islander babes as well as their post-villa styles.

Dani DyerDani Dyer pre-villa

Prior to entering the villa Dani admitted to experimenting with lip fillers (much to Danny senior’s dismay) and had some hair-help courtesy of Carl Bembridge, celebrity stylist and wigmaker – who helped the East Londoner out with her new ‘do.

We loved her villa-style: a light brunette with honey blonde running through long, cascading waves. Dani also teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Fern Howe-Shepherd to inspire her with some new looks. Her beauty makeover certainly turned her bf to be’s head, Jack Fincham – and we think she looked fab in the villa. Her understated chic and girly looks had us buzzin’, and even had some island-viewers puzzled when she managed to sneak in a secret hair makeover during the show to a much ashier brunette, seemingly to go with her deepening tan (keep reading to find out how that happened).

Now that Dani has been crowned Love Island winner together with Jack, she’s managed to crack on with another hair ‘do. She debuted her new, fuller, dark brunette extensions on the Love Island reunion show where she admitted that her and Jack had finally joined the ‘Do Bits Society’ ?

What do you make of Dani’s darker hair colour? Tell us in the comments below!

Megan Barton HansonMegan Love IslandMegan post-villa

Probably the most scrutinised islander babe out of the bunch, Megan was spoilt for choice for her pick of men inside the villa as she had the guys literally throwing themselves at her. (Okay maybe not literally, but she was picked as first choice by nearly all the guys).

The Southend beauty was open about having lip fillers, boob jobs and a nose job before entering the villa and we loved how she completely owned this and didn’t pretend that it’s all what her mumma gave her.

Despite her oozing sexuality and giving everyone all sorts of vibes, she was actually one of the shyest girls out of the bunch. We finally saw her come out of her shell when she kissed her way through all the leaping frogs and chose her prince, Wes Nelson, after he famously pied off Laura (that episode still gives us chills).

Having made it to the final four, Megan and Wes have given Josh and Kaz a run for their money in terms of couple STYLE goals. Megan’s textured, tousled wavy hair, seen now at collar bone grazing length, has been brought back to life post-villa with a pearl blonde and subtle root shade.

We LOVE Megan’s post-villa look, do you? Let us know in the comments below!

Laura AndersonLaura Anderson pre-villa Laura Anderson Love Island

We’re not going to lie, we were surprised to see Laura and Paul make it as runners up having only been coupled up for a fortnight, but, considering Laura’s track record of dumpings on the show, it’s probably only right that she came in second with her ‘we’re just dating at the moment’ beau, Paul. We’re pretty sure they’re gf and bf, but hey, who likes to label things these days anyway? We loved their no pressure approach to dating and ‘cool Paul’ certainly put a smile on Laura’s face after weeks of being mugged off in the villa. The fact that Paul had previously locked lips with Britney Spears didn’t phase her either – “it’s not about you anymore Britney!” – that clip gave us major LOLs.

Laura’s super toned physique (did you ever see her work out in the villa though?), luscious blonde locks and elegant style had our heads turned from day one. She proved that even as the oldest babe in the villa, (don’t call her ‘old Laura’ though when trying to differentiate from ‘new Laura’, she’ll claw your eyes right out) she set the bar when it came to that glamour-puss vibe. Remember when it was Laura’s turn for the sexy dance off challenge ??

It’s quite difficult to believe that Laura was a brunette back in the day – but after seeing her post a pic about being tempted to go back to brunette, we’ve decided she totally rocks both looks… though we might be leaning a teeny tiny bit towards her being a blonde bombshell.

She was also tattoo free back in 2009, reckoning she doesn’t look like the stereotypical person to be inked up she said: “I don’t look like I have tattoos either, but I do.”

Do you prefer Laura as a brunette or a blonde? Hit us up in the comments below!

Kaz CrossleyKaz Crossley post-villa Kaz Crossley Love Island

She was the girl we tried so desperately to hate as she stole Josh from the clutches of loyal Georgia, but we can see why Josh is a total melt around her. From the moment Kaz gracefully entered Casa Amor she caught our attention with her highlighter dowsed make up and perfectly styled hair without a flyaway in sight.

Speaking of perfectly maintained hair and nails (and all the rest) she may have recently let slip that the girls were in fact allowed to leave the Villa to visit a salon – and there we were wondering how the girls kept their looks perfectly preened for 8 weeks straight! So that clears that up.

However, the MUA from London wasn’t solely dependent on salon visits for her flawless hair styles in the villa – being in the beauty industry she knew a thing or two about hair! We loved her slicked back buns and low ponytails, voluminous curls and sleek straight looks – this girl can literally own any hair style going. No wonder they were dubbed the nation’s most ‘smug couple’ ?.

Since leaving the villa in third position with her boyfriend Josh, she continues to wear her natural looking hair and makeup during the day, reserving her more glamourous looks for red carpet events and TV interviews. She may have copied Megan’s final night look and wore the same dress at her first red carpet appearance with Josh, but she managed to tone down the revealing LBD with slicked back hair, gold hoops and a matching clutch. LOVE.

Did you like ‘smug’ Kaz’s style in the villa? Say so in the comments below!



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By: Mandy Bisla

On: August 8, 2018

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