Men’s Styling Unlocked

Think we’re only into women’s style at Supercuts? Think again! Whether its in-salon services, top level styling products or cutting edge trends, men’s hairstyles are something we love. But we know when it comes to taking home the right styling for guys, getting that fresh look that sets off your personal style, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’re here to help break down the best products from one of our top men’s product ranges, American Crew, to help you make an impact every single day.


So where do you start? With a clean palette. Making sure your hair is squeaky clean allows your products to work their magic the right way, making sure you do away with those days where bad hair puts a dampener on things. If you’re a product fiend, wash it all away to start again with Power Cleanser Style Remover. Product build up can make your style dull and difficult to manage, so this powerful shampoo is a must for those who rely on generous amounts of styling products.

If your hair is dried out or even damaged from colour or heat stylers like straighteners, avoid anything so stripping. Instead, give hair back some thickness and strength with Hair Recovery and Thickening Shampoo. You’ll be surprised just how much the right products in the shower can set your style on the road to looking its best. Want to know a secret? That model guy with the hair you want doesn’t skimp on any of the steps.


Feeling a little snowed under with all the different words for men’s styling products out there? Putty, clay, wax, gel… believe it or not, they all do different things, and once you find your favourite you’ll nail that signature look. American Crew like to take the confusion out of great styling, so they’ve done away with the jargon and made it simpler. Simply find the look and finish you want, plus the level of hold and control, and you’re sorted.

Looking for that traditional gel hold with a natural shine? Forming Cream gives control without looking too slick, not to mention it won’t leave your hair sticky and tacky to the touch. If you want something more modern and pliable, try Fiber for a low shine hold that will last all weathers, or Pomade for something more like those classic quiff-styling traditionals.

Or maybe you want full on control without the wet-look shine? Then UltraMatte is for you. Oh, and don’t forget those curly styles. Enhance your natural coils with Curl Control for bold and fearless texture.


American Crew aren’t just here to ensure your hair is looking sharp and stylish. They’re also here to make sure your shaving routine is second to none. Whether you’re going for a full clean shave or switching it up between styles, never take your razor out without the best products. Precision Shave Gel gives you a clean, close shave every time, skipping the irritation and giving you less redness post shave.

For guys with thicker, coarse or curly beards give it some extra power with Ultra Gliding Shave Oil, perfect for banishing razor bumps with extra moisture. Finally, finish it all off with perfect Post-Shave Lotion, a great smelling aftershave that cools instead of stinging, and gives your skin a younger, fresher finish.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: March 4, 2015

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