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Nail Talk: Dare to Go Green?

On our recent Supercuts shoot, we sat down with leading nail technician Shreen Gayle to talk about the key nail trends for spring/summer. And one of the key colours that she recommended for the coming season? Green. While the idea of green nails might leave some of you feeling unsure, Shreen assured us that it’s all about choosing the right shade of green for you.



Most of us will have heard people reference warm skin tones and cool skin tones. You might think that paler girls are cool, while those with more of a tan will be warmer – but that’s not always the case. This is all to do with the undertone of your skin, as opposed to the surface tone. You and your friend might both be very pale skinned, but you could look amazing in tomato red, while the same shade will leave her looking washed out. This is because one of you will have warm undertones and the other cool, and different shades will flatter your skin accordingly.

A lot of people use their undertone to decide what makeup to buy – warm toned women will suit more yellow-based foundations, for example – and Shreen states that we should extend this analysis to our nail polishes too. So when it comes to pulling off a tricky shade like green, it’s just about choosing the right toned green. If you’ve got a cool undertone to your skin, then opt for greens that have blue undertones. Think mint, teal and aqua. These will compliment your skin beautifully, and leave your nails looking fresh and summery.



If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and have warmer undertones, then you can pull off completely different shades. You can choose greens with richer, more yellow undertones. Khaki and olive will look gorgeously sophisticated against your skin, while neon greens and zesty lime shades will be perfect for your holiday look.

So how do you decide whether you’re cool or warm toned to begin with? Below are a few tips to help you work it out:

– Look at the veins in your wrist. If they look blue, then you are likely to be more cool toned. If they appear more green, you’re probably warm.

– Think about your natural hair and eye colour. Those with cool undertones tend to be fairer, with blue, grey or green eyes. If you have naturally darker hair, and brown or hazel eyes, then you’re more likely to be warm toned.

– Analyse your jewellery. If you suit gold but silver looks lastustre on you, then you probably have warm undertones, and vice versa.

Now you know your undertones, there’s no excuse for not getting on board with the green nail trend! You can browse our range of OPI nail polishes here, or sign up to our newsletter for more regular insider tips.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: May 19, 2016

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