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Nail Your Mani-Makeover With The New OPI Tokyo Collection

OPI Tokyo Collection

If like us you’ve been craving a mani-makeover recently, look no further than the spring/summer catwalk shows. Recent runways were brimming full of colourful ideas which gave us tons of nail-spiration to suit everyone’s style from minimalistic to Japanese inspired nail art. In particular, the Japanese capital was also the starting point for OPI’s Tokyo collection, which includes a dozen dazzling shades, from lime green and knock-out pink to our personal favourite, indigo blue (obviously).

Choosing a colour for your nails might seem straight forward enough, just pick something that goes with your outfit and makeup, right? But these days, even a simple manicure has been upgraded to include crystal work and a twist on the traditional nude-pink base – so it’s no surprise that you’ve arrived at the conclusion that you need to up nail game – and we hear you.

Pinterest can be a good place to start when it comes to looking for nail-inspo, but the thought of trawling through an endless feed of unlimited choices that range from simple DIY styles to the totally impractical hanging chains kind, can hit even hardcore nail fans with the sweats. Lucky for you we’ve penned this short, straight-forward list of our fave nails that will give you all the nail-spiration you need without the stress.

There was only one collection which sprung to mind when we decided to pull together some nail inspo: OPI’s Tokyo Collection. A city at the forefront of fashion, beauty and nail art, Tokyo’s unique balance of rich tradition and nature inspired a variety of nail colours that evoke the eclectic fashion, vibrant nightlife and world-renowned cuisine. Sounds like a dream, right?

We’ve waded through pic after pic from this year’s catwalk shows and zoomed in on nails like it’s nobody’s business, and as a result we’ve picked out the shades and styles we think will be the biggest hits this year. Aaand, rest assured, cos we also chatted it over with some of our beauty specialists too, so all you’ll see below is a definitive list of nail knock out shades with equally fabulous names.  

Join us with OPI on Another Ramen-tic Evening in our favourite foodie spots, then stop off at Fuji-san before finding All Your Dreams In Vending Machines. From a new take on millennial pink to matcha green shades, your nail color will be ahead of every trend this season thanks to #OPITokyo.

Tempura-ture Is Rising

From Harajuku girls to incredible street style and more – Tokyo is synonymous with fashion. Get out of the heat and into a Supercuts salon to experience this cool new orange that’s long-lasting and runway ready. Make sure the Tempurature Is Rising by trying out a cool negative space look for your nail design to really showcase this colour. In case you’re wondering what on earth we’re on about, a negative space mani is where your natural nail is cleverly incorporated into the nail art design, and it’s also a sneaky little way to make your nails look fresh week after week. 

OPI Tokyo Collection Tempura-ture Is Rising

Our nail technicians suggest keeping the design on the upper half of your nail, and if done in gel, you can keep the same manicure for up to a month. Sound impressive? It is. But that’s not all, negative space manis are really versatile too so you can have pretty nails for your holidays that aren’t too o.t.t for when you’re back at work – a big plus for us low-maintenance girls. Aaand, we reckon there’s something really eye-catching about a minimalistic look that can sometimes feel fresher than a solid colour. But don’t take our word for it – pop in to one of our salons and holla your nearest nail technician.

Samurai Breaks A Nail

On the front line of beauty, Tokyo is a vibrant city where being kawaii (cute) is almost a legal requirement, even if Samurai Breaks A Nail. This cutting-edge purple is a beautiful, long-lasting nail polish that leaves your nails looking sharp and stunning. If purple is not your usual choice of nail colour, this one is definitely worth considering as our nail technicians explained that the blue and pink tones in this shade make it an easy and wearable option. Whereas 2018 was all about moody deep tones, our nail experts told us that bright colours like this and bold textures would be this year’s go-to styles. 

In terms of nail design, if you’re not great at DIY nail art and haven’t got the time to pop in to a salon (you don’t need an appointment by the way), then we’d recommend a simple all-over solid colour for a bold, impactful statement. Oh, and don’t forget to always add a base coat. It might take you longer, but it’ll give your bright polish something to adhere to, making your manicure last a couple of extra days longer which is always a plus. It’ll also protect your nails and prevent them from that horrible stain you’re sometimes left with from pigmented paint.

Chop Stix and Stones

If you want the inside scoop on the hottest new nail trends, where should you look? Tokyo of course! Always ahead of the curve this look is definitely not made for wallflowers.

Though some of us may find ourselves in the minority who prefer a minimal or even a completely bare manicure, it seems the rest of the world is taking Cardi B.’s approach. That is, they’re opting for the type of nail art design that requires an entirely new method for unbuttoning or typing on a computer. Though 3D nail art isn’t a new trend per se, we can all agree its literally every beauty blogger’s talking point when it comes to their fingertips. And the trend is only set to continue in 2019 thanks in small part to the high-profile work of Cardi’s manicurist magician, Jenny Bui.

Nails Pearls OPI Fashion Week

This particular look uses the Chop Stix and Stones shade from the Tokyo Collection, which is a deep indigo blue, adorned in this instance by an assortment of different sized pearls. We personally love this intergalactic-looking contrast of a deep blue with iridescent pearls, and it shouldn’t cause too much drama when it comes to getting dressed. Though if you think it’ll be problematic, perhaps consider toning down the size of your 3D artwork. Either way, it’s a shade we love and a style we adore.

Check out the full range:

OPI Tokyo Collection Tempura-ture Is Rising
Tempura-ture Is Rising
OPI Tokyo Collection Kanpai
OPI Tokyo Collection Another Ramen-tic Evening
Another Ramen-tic Evening
OPI Tokyo Collection Chop Stix and Stones
OPI Tokyo Collection Chop Stix and Stones
OPI Tokyo Collection Samurai Breaks A Nail
Samurai Breaks A Nail
OPI Tokyo Collection hand model
OPI Tokyo Collection Rice Rice Baby
Rice Rice Baby
OPI Tokyo Collection Arigato From Tokyo
Arigato From Tokyo
OPI Tokyo Collection How Does Your Zen Garden Grow
How Does Your Zen Garden Grow
OPI Tokyo Collection Suzi San Climbs Fuji San
Suzi San Climbs Fuji San
I'm On A Sushi Roll
OPI Tokyo Collection All Your Dreams In Vending Machines
All Your Dreams In Vending Machines
OPI Tokyo Collection Hand Model

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By: Mandy Bisla

On: March 13, 2019

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