Our response to COVID-19


Firstly, we want to thank each and every one of you for the incredible support you have shown us throughout these challenging times during the COVID-19 pandemic. These moments of adversity have brought all the members of our Supercuts Family closer together in so many ways. Albeit virtually, we also feel more connected to you, our salon guests, readers and followers. We hope that you feel as proud as we do, to be part of such a supportive salon community.

COVID-19 and the start of lockdown

Following government instructions in response to the novel coronavirus global pandemic, we closed our salons on Monday 23rd March. Jackie Lang, our Managing Director told us:

“There’s nothing you can really do to prepare yourself for the moment when you have to tell your salon teams that we’re closing. It was unprecedented and something I never foresaw having to do, but the incredible response we received from everyone was phenomenal. Even with the uncertainty and worry they were all feeling they pulled together and just got on with it. We knew it was paramount that we kept our salon community safe and the positivity from our teams during lockdown has once again reiterated to me our stylists and therapists are just the best! We’ve supported one another, kept in touch on a regular basis and I feel we have grown closer together. It has been amazing to be a part of, especially during such a difficult and challenging time.”

Adapting to virtual lockdown haircare

Not only has COVID-19 altered the way we live, both in our personal and professional lives, but it’s also changed the way we connect with our salon guests. As salons closed, we shifted our focus online and continued our duty of care to salon guests, virtually. The messages of support and frequent haircare questions spurred us on even more to help you care for hair at home.

Stylist and Educator Bradley told us:

“I genuinely cannot wait to get back into the salon! I miss connecting with my guest and team but I believe this time apart has only made us stronger. Thank you to all of our amazing guests who have been patiently waiting for our return!”

Thanks to our amazing team, we were able to provide hair tutorials and advice through our blog and social channels. They truly have been our hair heroes!

Safety measures in salon

Since our salons opened after lockdown, we put in place additional safety measures to ensure that you feel safe when coming into our salons. This was and continues to be a priority of ours. To find out more, visit our dedicated section on our website:  safety protocols.

The main points to note are, PPE continues to be warn by our team member and salon guests are required to wear a mask. We have also updated salon sanitation measures. These include things like disinfecting styling stations between guests as well as wiping down tills, keyboards and the telephone! (we’re committed!).  Some salons will have installed safety screens between each chair, those that did will continue to use to screens to ensure the safety of its guests.

We highly recommend that you carefully read through our safety provisions prior to your salon visit. For your peace of mind. 

To help cover the cost of additional safety measures there will be a £2.50 safety levy applied to all services. We assure you absolutely no profit is being made from this levy. The surcharge covers (nearly) all of the additional safety measures, PPE, apparatus and sanitation products. This is to help protect our team, you and the community.

Looking to the future

It is important to keep the momentum going when it comes to staying safe and protecting each other. We’ve worked too hard to stop the spread of COVID-19. The Coronavirus has affected every part of our lives. With that said, we simply cannot say thank you enough to our everyday healthcare and key worker heroes. It warms our heart to know that some of our stylists volunteered to provide haircuts for doctors and nurses, as well as seeing so many of our salon communities come together to support each other.

Lastly, we want to say thank you to the people working hard to continue to keep us all safe. It is because of this hard work, that we can continue to do what we do best… creating great hair at great value, for everyone!

By: Mandy Bisla

On: June 10, 2020

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