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Our Top 12 Festival Hairstyles For 2019

Draya Michella Coachella 2019

Brush off your wellies; festival season is here and the Hype. Is. Real.

We’ve already booked our tickets; stocked up on snacks and bought a new tent (don’t ask!) Which means that we can finally get to the fun part: Planning some of our festival looks.

And yes, we’re definitely focusing on the hair. In fact, we’ve spent *hours* trawling through Insta so that we could compile a list of our fave festival-ready hairdos, including some super-brave looks ft. 100% glam metallic fringes, and some understated classics that’d (almost) work out in the real world.

And now we’re sharing the final edit with all of our favourite gal pals – so that you can jump on the hype train and start planning your own festival look.

Scrolling through the list, you’ll find boho classics and some super-inventive numbers that are bang on-trend for SS19. You’ll find options that are tailor-made for second day hair, and a couple of laid-back styles that you can easily knock up first thing in the morning – before you have to dash off to the main stage to meet up with your mates.

Next stop?

1. Coachella Box Braids

Braids are a festival classic. They’re laid back; carefree and super low-maintenance. They also look absolutely stunning, particularly if you have super-long hair ala Jordyn Woods…

And yes, we do know that Jordyn’s a pretty controversial figure RN. We’re just way more interested in her super-chic and utterly gorgeous braids, which she wore to this year’s Coachella festival.

Jordyn Woods Instagram Braids

Not only are these gorgeous braids a perfect match for SS19’s laid back vibes, they’re also really practical. They’ll hide the fact that you’re rocking second day hair and, if you sleep in them, they’ll give you some seriously snatched, boho waves the next day. They’re also really easy to accessories; just grab some flower beads and go to town!

2. Accessories that talk

Feeling Extra AF? Swing for a super-loud accessory that’ll do the talking for you. 

We’ve seen these word hair clips popping up all over our insta feed and we have to admit that we’re a little bit smitten. 

They pair with some pretty low-key styles, and they’re a nice, easy way to add some instant glam to your look. They also lean into this year’s this obsession with glittery hair accessories, which is always a plus…

Ashley Williams show embellished word clip
📸: @ashleywilliamslondon

For best results, we’d recommend pairing one (or more) of these clips with a relatively sleek do, so that your accessory stands out, and you create plenty of contrast. Oh, and don’t forget to pack a spare, cos stuff *always* goes walkabouts at a busy festival.

3. The metallic fringe & high pony

A match made in heaven, this look may have debuted at ByblosSS19 event in Milan, but we think it’s 100% festival ready – and a great fit for SS19’s glitter-meets-boho vibes.

The high pony will keep your hair up and out of your face (which is an absolute must if you’re going to be dancing in the hot summer sun) and it also looks super casual and carefree. Doubly so if you can throw in some soft waves and/or the occasional curl. Pair it with a super loud, metallic fringe and you’ve got yourself the perfect festival look.

These tassels are clip-ons too, so it’s a pretty hassle-free way to style your hair.

Byblos' SS19 event in Milan Metallic Fringe Model

4. Bejeweled low pony wrap

If you’ve visited our blog previously, you’ll already have seen us mention our love affair with ponytails. But now it’s time to talk about our obsession with jewelled accessories. This rainbow-hued marvel is the perfect way to combine both trends, and we think it’s major #hairgoals. Particularly if you’re trying to channel Cochella’s otherworldly vibes.

We can only imagine how good this do’ would look out there in front of the main stage; glittering as you sway to the beat of Solange’s Almeda in the baking, mid-August heat.

Area New York Fashion Week Show Braided Jewels Hairstyle
📸: @area

It looks like it’d be pretty easy to maintain too. The tricky bit? Finding those straight 🔥 embellished accessories, and adding a bit of detail to your low-pony with a barely-there braid starting at your crown. Still, it’s worth it if you want showstopping festival hair and you’re big into those super bold looks.

5. The pastel-pink bob

An edgy look that’s absolutely perfect for festival season, this choppy bob will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. If our insta feed is anything to go by, pink is *the* colour for 2019 and it pairs perfectly with the sleek lines of this classic wig.

But if you’re feeling bold and fancy the chop, bobs are a really low maintenance style too; one quick run through with your fave straighteners and you’re good to go. Just make sure that you swing for a good dye job, because festivals can be harsh on your hair and you don’t want to kick things off with a head full of frizzy or dry tresses.

📸: @jeremyscott

6. Free-flowing braids and waves

Selena Gomez’s Coachella hair is major hair goals. It’s wavy, carefree and 100% relaxed which is bang on trend for this summer. And the way those thick, uber long braids frame her face? Perfection. 

Don’t worry about the length either; word on the street is that Selena’s new look came courtesy of some major hair extensions, and we definitely won’t judge if you choose to accentuate your length a little.

📸: @selenagomez

If you’re keen to get this look, we’d definitely recommend packing your fave curlers, or a pair of ghd’s latest edition of  Platinum+ straighteners, now complete with a new, rainbow-hued festival face-lift. This festival-favourite styler has a contoured barrel that’s designed to help you create those soft and sultry waves. You could also try sleeping with braided hair, and then letting it out the next day – the choice is 100% up to you.

7. Threaded braids

Another straight 🔥 look from this year’s Coachella, Stella Maxwell’ accessorised braids were channeling some major boho vibes, and we’re absolutely loving the reaction she’s getting on Instagram.

The subtle, black and gold threads really help to set off the carefree look of her carefully-coiffed mane, and we think the Victoria’s Secret model did an amazing job of coordinating the look with some well-chosen accessories.

Ofc those tight, twisted braids are definitely a labour of love – and require some serious commitment – but if the end result looks this good, who are we to argue?

Stella Maxwell Coachella Instagram braided hair
📸: @stellamaxwell

8. Twisted braids

A throwback to the swinging 60’s, these absolutely gorgeous braids *almost* look like dreadlocks from a distance but they’re bang on trend for SS19, and we think they’re the *perfect* way to lean into this year’s obsession with boho-chic looks,

So if you’re looking to celebrate festival season in true style, do like Shanina Shaikh and get braiding your hair.

Shanina Shaikh Coachella 2019 Box Braids
📸: @shaninamshaik

Be warned though; chunky, twisted box braids like this can be quite difficult to achieve. Particularly if you’re not used to braiding your hair. The web’s full of tutorial videos, but our stylists will also be able to offer some hands-on advice so if you’re thinking of imitating this style, pop down to your local Supercuts and ask if they’ve got any useful tips.

9. Exposed clips

SS19 is *all* about the accessories, which is why these exposed, golden clips on Draya’s gently textured waves are one of our fave festival looks. Simple, elegant and undeniably-carefree, they’ll make you look like you’ve strolled straight off the beach, but the little pop of extra contrast that comes from those metallic hair clips is *just* enough to keep things looking fresh and interesting.

Oh, and they’ll keep your hair out of your face, which is pretty important when you pause to consider how hot and sweaty you’ll get while you’re out there, dancing in the midday sun…

For a look like this, we’d strongly recommend that you look into some kind of texturising spray (or a sea salt spray). A little bit of “oomph” really helps to elevate the look, and second-day festival hair always looks a little flat and lifeless unless you can help it along a bit.

Draya Michella Coachella 2019

10. Relaxed, wavy hair

NGL, we were a little #shook when we saw Kylie’s 2nd Coachella look. We’re used to seeing her rock up to Palm Springs with neon-pink ; blue or aquamarine hair, so this au-naturel redux was definitely a little unexpected.

That said, it’s also a *perfect* look for this year’s festival scene, which seems to be all about those carefree, boho vibes. It’s also a style that’s super easy on your hair, so if you’re worried about damage, or just keen to rock something that’s fairly low effort, a loose, wavy mane like this is definitely the way to go.

Kylie Jenner Coachella 2019 Look 2
📸: @kyliejenner

11. Clipped braids

Braids; waves and sparkly accessories: This look is SS19’s festival style in a nutshell, and we’d be hard-pressed to find anything that was more on trend. The sheer variety of different textures, styles and shapes makes this look a particularly eye-catching option, and we’re madly in love with the way those accessories set off the various elements.

Ofc this look has been styled by a professional (ghd’s own Samantha Cusick, as a matter of fact) but you can still have a go at creating something similar yourself. Just make sure that you pick out a variety of glittery accessories, and look into an ombre, because that multi-tone hair is what gives this look its real wow-factor.

📸: @ghdhair

12. Lavender hair

A showstopping combination of lucious lavender and metallic peach, this look is tailor-made for this year’s festival season. Recolouring your hair may seem like a fairly drastic option, but it’s one of the best ways of creating a truly spellbinding look. It’s also one of the best ways to tap into this year’s obsession with metallic colours, so if you’re looking for a style that’s guaranteed to turn heads at this year’s Lovebox festival, this is probably one of your best options.

Loud recolours are also great because – once you’ve dyed your hair – you don’t have to worry too much about elaborate braids, accessories or other affectations. You can just let your brand new colour do the talking, and spend the rest of your time worrying about your festival ensemble….

Wella Hair Instagram Lavendar 2019
📸: @wellahair

Found your look?

There’s something here for everyone, so we’re hoping that at least one of these festival-ready looks has caught your eye.

If you’re still struggling, one of our stylists might be able to help you pick the perfect hairdo. Just pop into your local Supercuts (no appointment needed) and ask for their advice.

But if you’ve found your #festivalhair? We’d love to see! Just make sure you tag us @SupercutsUK so that your pics pop up in our feed!

By: Mandy Bisla

On: April 18, 2019

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