Party Hair in Under An Hour

It’s no secret that we love great hair in a hurry – that’s why we work to fit around your schedule both in salon and when you’re on the go. We believe the right products and techniques can have you looking fabulous 24/7, without spending hours in front of the mirror. We asked some of our Edge Artistic Team to share their top tips for new styles in under 1 hour – from the shower to the front door, you can reinvent your style in no time.

Bradley –

If you are in a rush and time is not on your side, there’s nothing more quick and effective than a proper ponytail. Simply place hair in a high pony then dig to the back of the drawer to find your dry shampoo. Spray all over the pony and back comb it to create loads of texture. To add something extra, just grab sections and grip with bobby pins into a big, messy bun for a wild textured topknot. Make an even bigger impact by popping into your local Supercuts a day before your big night out for one of our festive Colour Gloss services. For me sherry red is a favourite, and we can always finish this off with a big bouncy blow dry that you can pep up with some dry shampoo.


Victoria –

I’ve been experimenting with my own hair to create super curls and volume without using a heat appliance, and it is perfect for quick hair straight from the shower. Like Bradley’s style, it’s full of on trend texture but this time for wearing hair down and freshly cleaned.

Take sections of hair and twist into little buns, pinning each bun using two grips crossed over each other. Leave them to dry, the longer the better- even overnight would be ideal, but start with rough-dried hair first if you’re working fresh from the shower. Once you remove pins and let down the buns, put a small amount of Designline Silk Drops on your hands and work through the waves using your fingers. Finish using Designline Powder Boost for extra volume and some Designline Volumizing Spray for weather-proof maximum hold.

Experiment with this style to find the best look for your tastes, the smaller the sections the tighter the curl and take bigger sections to create a more natural wave with no need for heat application.

Have you got a must-have style that you can prep in under 1 hour? Or is there a look you need to know how to create at home? Let us know on Twitter @SupercutsUK.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: November 26, 2013

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