Party Season Hairstyles for Men

Christmas means that it’s party season, and time to make extra effort with your appearance. You’ve got the outfit sorted, but how else can you get party ready? Switching up your hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to look different for a Christmas event or work night out, and you’ll be glad to know that it won’t involve hours of preparation. 

From the cut to ask for at your next appointment to the styles you can create with products at home, here a few hair styling ideas to get you through the festive period…

1. Slick, High-Shine Hair

For a formal event where your usual casual look just won’t cut it, a simple, slick style can be all you need to transform your hair from disheveled to dapper. If your hair’s fairly short with a little length on top, a side parting will work well; or if your hair’s longer then you can slick it all straight back for an evening-appropriate style. Want to avoid looking too preppy? Ditch the razor for a day or two – some light stubble will keep the look rugged.

Celebrity Hair Inspo: Leo DiCaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal

Must-Have Products: American Crew Pomade, £13.95; Designline Freeze Spray Firm Hold Mist, £10.99; TIGI Bed Head Wax Stick, £16.50

Image: @aaroncgshore

2. Curls

Curls have been a big trend for men’s hair this year, so if you’re blessed with natural waves then it’s time to embrace them! If you usually keep your hair short to avoid unruly curls, let them grow out for a few weeks before the parties begin. Then, use curl defining products to add shape and hold for a frizz-free finish. If you want a look that’s more relaxed, a salt spray can add some texture for a lived-in look.

Celebrity Hair Inspo: Kit Harrington

Must-Have Products: TIGI Bed Head Screw It Curl Oil, £13.75; Fudge Salt Spray, £11.45

3. Contrasting Cuts

If you read our 2017 Men’s Hair Trends post, you’ll know that the updated undercut was one of the dominant styles of the last year. This look, which involves super-short or even shaved sides with longer hair on top, is still 100% on-trend. For maximum impact, plan your visit to your local Supercuts the day before your big night out so the style’s as fresh as possible.

Celebrity Hair Inspo: Louis Tomlinson (image: @louist91), Cillian Murphy

Must-Have Products: Paul Mitchell Wax Works, £11.50; American Crew Fiber, £13.95

4. High Volume

Wonder why so many women book in for bouncy blow drys when party season hits? It’s because big hair = big impact. While we wouldn’t recommend reaching for the heated rollers, a little boost at your roots or carefully-styled quiff could be what you’re looking for to transform your look this Christmas. Voluminous hair starts in the shower, so make sure you’re using a shampoo and conditioner designed to give hair a lift. Next, follow up with some volumising styling products and a blast with the hairdryer.

Celebrity Hair Inspo: The Weeknd, Zac Efron

Must-Have Products: TIGI Bed Head for Men Charge Up Thickening Daily Shampoo, £9.50; Fudge Fat Hed, £10.45

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By: Claire Cavanagh

On: December 7, 2017

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