Paul Mitchell, Unwrapped

Effortless style, tailored care for your hair and the must luscious ingredients. All things that make Paul Mitchell one of the leaders in haircare products across the UK and beyond. We love their products and we know there’s many people who simply couldn’t live without their full range of cleansing, nourishment and style. Almost every possible hair type is catered for by Paul Mitchell, and with their specialist ranges you’ll find something that seems like it was made just for you.


Like all great hairstyles, it starts with the shampoo and conditioner. Think cleansing and conditioning is all the same? Paul Mitchell are about to make you think again with their wide range of formulas designed to tackle a huge variety of problem areas. Got strands that are super thirsty and need their shine and suppleness back? Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo is here to help, with its formula that’s gentle enough for regular cleansing, but still packs enough moisture-giving punch.

What about colour we here you say? Paul Mitchell know coloured hair, with lots of shade saving options. A big seller is their Platinum Blonde shampoo, a purple formula that blonde addicts won’t do without, keeping lighter and brighter hair that’s nourished too. There’s even shampoos that start your styling off right, like Extra Body Daily Rinse. Make the most of those body-boosting stylers with the right start in the shower.

For every shampoo, there’s a complimentary conditioner to continue your regime the right way, each enriched with the right level of moisture for you. But maybe you want something even more? Try Awapuhi Keratin Cream Rinse for an amazingly indulgent result.

Want to see the full range of shampoos to get you started? Check out the rest here for options that banish frizz, curl-friendly choices and much more.


Creating beautiful style is Paul Mitchell’s speciality, and there’s truly an amazing range that helps you switch up your look. Want to get that everyday shine that causes hair envy? Enhance even simple styles in an instant with Gloss Drops. Why not give it an extra lift too? Thicken Up gives every style that body we all want, and it won’t weigh down your freshly blow-dried hair’s natural bounce.

Maybe you’re after something more shaped and sculpted? Get creative with Super Sculpting Glaze, or go for shapely style that nourishes too thanks to Tea Tree Shaping Cream. One last favourite we can’t miss out, choose Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydrocream Whip for a thoroughly on trend finish. It not only smells incredible, it’ll keep whatever style you choose lasting all day and night.


Sometimes your style just won’t play nice, and often that’s because it’s not getting enough TLC. We love Super Skinny Daily Treatment for taming, protecting and repairing damaged strands. Is your hair feeling a bit sorry for itself? We know that bad habits die hard, but there’s always a solution to bring it back from the brink of disaster. Try Awapuhi Keratin Intensive Treatment to restore the harsh damage of anything from overuse of heat to bleach damage (we said you shouldn’t do it at home!)

Get back in your hair’s good books once you’ve repaired. Stop heat damage before it starts next time, using Heat Seal before you reach for those straighteners and tongs. We mean every time!

By: Supercuts HQ

On: March 5, 2015

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