Perfect Beach Hair

Whether you’re making it to the sunny sands of a foreign holiday, or simply want to get the style at home, perfect beach hair is a must when the sun comes out. From blondes to brunettes and everything in between, there’s a chic and Summer ready style just waiting for you.

Beach hair is all about texture and a relaxed feel, leaving the perfectly coiffed blowdry at home and breaking out with some effortless but enviable locks. Embrace your natural waves for that ethereal, festival inspired look that’s popular from Glastonbury to Ibiza. Creating this wave is the basis of all the best beachy styles, and it’s not as hard as you might think. Our Creative Director Kieron Fowles says:

“Use Kerastase Styling Spray A Porter on damp hair and leave it to dry naturally, without reaching for your hair dryer. It gives a soft hold and natural wave to those who just need a little extra in their texture.”

If your hair is heavier and naturally straight, all is not lost. Rough up your locks with Fudge Salt Spray (£11.45, Supercuts), adding a salt-water texture with added control, for true surfer girl style. Perfect to accessorise with a floral headband or beaded hair jewellery, we love to take this a step further with a twisted half-up do. Take tips from this sleek version, and adapt the twists for summer with your brand new texture.

If you’re an updo lover, it’s all about braids for that truly boho beach girl style. With salt-spray texture left in, avoid brushing the hair and loosely braid with the fingers instead. The options are endless, from halo braids for a festival look to french braid pigtails for an urban edge. Don’t worry about any frizz or flyaways – it’s all part of the look that eschews sleek and slicked for natural styles that don’t look product heavy.

Try a fishtail braid for an update on the traditional single side braid, fastening with a clear band and teasing it with the fingers for a loose and lazy end result that’s instantly on trend for summer.


By: Supercuts HQ

On: June 10, 2014

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