St Tropez

Perfect Your Glow with St Tropez

Are you a tan lover? Want to fake your way to a gorgeous glow that looks as flawless as the real thing? The secret to a professional looking result at home is the right prep and application products. That’s where St Tropez comes in, available online at Supercuts.

Get your skin smooth, supple and ready to tan with the Prep & Maintain Kit, designed to make a flawless application simple, whatever your tanning product of choice. Better application means your tan will last longer too, so your products go further.

Want to make that tan last even longer again? St Tropez’s Tan Booster works on both real and fake tans to extend your golden glow for up to four more days.

It’s no secret that well moisturized and exfoliated skin is a must for great fake tan results. Trust the tanning experts with St Tropez’s moisturiser formulas, specifically designed to work alongside tanning lotions and sprays without streaks or dilution.

Once your skin is polished, prepped and ready to glow, it’s time to apply. Skip that orange palmed look that ruins your results with a professional tanning mitt. Allowing you to seamlessly buff any tan formula onto the skin without lines or streaks, you can achieve a flawless finish every time you apply.

Ready to delve into even more beauty? Check out our full St Tropez range at our online store.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: August 15, 2015

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